The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Sunday, snow day…..

Geeze! What a load………! We came down here to get away from this white crap. This morning we awoke to find out that the weather witches had not lied. There was snow today. Not blizzard status, but enough to be miserable. Those of you from the more northern climes know what I mean – sleet, wet snow, more sleet, freezing rain….. As I said, we came down here to…….. but enough of my whining. Today is Sunday, I have all the heaters on aboard and Barb is baking an apple pie, so it can’t be all bad. It is still cold outside and it still took a bit to warm up.

Today we are listening to CBC Radio to get a taste of home particularly now that the writ has been dropped and we are in for an election on 2 May. We won’t be home so we will have to find some way of casting an absentee ballot. The weak internet signal here is making it very frustrating as the carrier keep dropping normally right in the middle of a particularly interesting piece of news. This whole business of the country going to the polls is just another load of political crock! All the parties want their turn at the trough and once every four years or so they all get all pious and pretend that they are so honourable and scrupulous and then when they get in they can’t wait to get their noses into the public pocketbook.

Other than that we had a pretty slack day today, watching movies and trying to stay warm. Unfortunately the warm part has caused us to run out of propane and naturally none of the propane distributors are open until tomorrow. Oh well. At least we have electricity to keep the heaters in operation.

Tonight we are heading over to Changing Lanes for dinner. Barb has baked an apple pie as our contribution. Tomorrow they are planning to depart and this time I think that the weather gods will let them go. So, unless we party to hearty again we probably won’t see them until perhaps this fall.