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Still in Deltaville - spendin' money...

Well, another Friday rolls around and we’re STILL here in beautiful, damp Deltaville, VA. I know that it is warmer than home most days but this rain is getting me down. I’m going a bit stir crazy and have been starting to stew about how long it is taking for us to get the water moving under the keel – it has been a month now and we are still waiting… And an expensive month it has been – new engine, instrumentation and prop; new compass; we will most likely be replacing two of the three propane heaters; income taxes to pay, more income tax to pay for the previous year due to a tax audit on Mike; vehicle registration; and the list goes on – I think I was better off before I kept a spreadsheet of the expenses - knowing down to the cent how much we are spending it is enough to make you weep- good thing the alcohol is cheap down here!
I did get a seriously needed wool-shop-fix today while we were en route to Colonial Williamsburg at Knitting Sisters (in the Village Shops at Kingsmill 1915 Pocahontas Trail B-1 Williamsburg, VA 23185 757.258.5005 Open 10am - 5:30pm Monday thru Saturday) – for those of you from Halifax this shop is like The Loop but times three – a large and lovely selection of fibres and tools with a spacious teaching area, friendly and knowledgeable staff – at times like this is absolutely stinks to be on a fixed income. I came away with some replacement needles, more knitting patterns for socks and two hanks of alpaca and wool mix that Mike picked out for me to knit up for him. The shop ladies found a pattern on line (on ravelry.com) for a great driving cap for him that I can’t wait to get at – that will be the next project after I finish the socks that are currently on the needles.
I quite enjoyed the poke around that we had in Williamsburg today – for those of you who have not visited the area it is well worth it – allow for a couple of days to do it justice as it is a national treasure. There were lots of large groups of school kids around and many family groups but the complex is spacious enough that we were able to have a relatively unhurried look around without being disturbed by screaming kids and squalling babies. We had a satisfying lunch of what you could presume to be the type food that might have been the sort that was served in a tavern of the era. I was disappointed to see modern day fare on the menu but they have to cater to a wide variety of patrons I suppose – grr.
The picture I chose to accompany this short post is of one of the Williamsburg animators – she was sitting outside of one of the shops working on a knitting project and singing a tune in a breathtakingly lovely voice.