The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Maybe our last day in Newport

Today was another blowy day at the dock here. In spite of the protestations of the weather witches the wind still rocked the boat and blew up white caps in the harbour. It was exciting to watch the sailing schools drive their 420s around the buoys and to watch for one or more of them to tip over. The students were excellent sailors but with 25 gusting to 30 it was inevitable that sooner or later someone would tip over. we are planing to depart tomorrow if the weather breaks and head for Onset to pick up a mooring or anchor to wait for Friday and a trip through the canal.

We did another round of grocery shopping and I bought myself a new pipe to replace the old piece of tree stump that I had been smoking with. The difference in taste was astounding. I don't inhale, I just like the taste especially with some of the blends of tobacco that they make for pipe smokers. The only thing is that the CINC Home Fleet makes me puff on deck which isn't a problem except to light the thing in this wind. Sometimes I think that I am smoking more matches than the pipe tobacco.
FROM BARB - aka the CINC Home Fleet - I just happen to think that the whole smoking thing is foolish and stupid and I am waiting for elCapitan to get it out of his system again - I have lost track of the number of times he has sworn off the pipe and has asked me to hide it from him. You think he would have more respect for his lungs - the "I don't inhale" thing is bull#$%^!

We went for a walk with Peri this afternoon and met a group of students from Salve Regina University who were on a treasure hunt. They asked for a photo with Peri as that was one of the collectables and then when they found out that we were aboard Nelleke they asked if they could have a photo of themselves aboard and finally they asked how old we were as one of the things they had to collect was to drink a shot with someone 60 or older. So there was nothing for it. We invited them back to the boat, gave them all a shot of rum and had them take a photo. Then they invited us back to their keg party which I would have loved to go to but Barb, the old poop, didn't want to so we declined. It turned out that they needed to add an extra person to their team and that was one of the reasons that they wanted us to come back to the Keg Party. I looked at their list and one of the things that they needed to do was have a photo of the team building a pyramid of team members so I suggested that if I was part of that pyramid wouldn't that make that collectible? Apparently it would. That's the photo for today's blog.