The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Getting ready for the final leg home

We have spent the last couple of days visiting our daughter in Saint John NB and cramming in some last minute shopping in a larger place that Shelburne. We got searched again on out border crossing but since we were good little boobs we weren't penalized or anything just slight inconvenienced.

Barb and I were talking and we'd like to send out a request to our friends on Silverheels III to blog about how they maintain their health care benefits and residency having been essentially away for three years plus now. I know that I'd be really interested to find out how they have worked it and knowing them I am sure they have carefully researched all the angles. This is something that is a consideration to all Canadian cruisers who will lose their provincial residency status after a 6 month absence and with it the health care. In my case the retired military health care will cover it but what about other folks. It is a particular concern with the new agreements for exchanging transit information that is being agreed on by our two governments.

Tomorrow early AM we catch the ferry back to NS so my next post will be from home. Blog ya then.