The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Home Notes

Well - It is a VERY long time since I have posted anything - since we are not currently sailing it seems a bit odd to be using Sailblogs as a vehicle but..
I am truly happy to be home. It was great to get visits in with Kayte and her crew in Saint John, Chris in Kingston, and Mike's Mum and brother in Ottawa. I was also happy to visit with the Ottawa neighbours, the Toshes, and Mike's Uncle Bill and Aunt Barb- all my faves in the Capitol. BUT - I have had my fill of traveling and traffic and shopping and crowds for a while and was thrilled to be back in friendly, quiet Shelburne where life just seems at a much more manageable pace. While walking in the Westboro district of Ottawa I am afraid that I displayed my rural Nova Scotia manners and made eye contact with and gave a cheery HELLO to those I met along the way and scared a few out of their wits - so sad to live somewhere and be afraid to pass the time of day with passersby - another good reason to be back home in friendly Shelburne.

I was disappointed that the elves didn't get my message and found that the house was in the same state that we left it in with crates of Christmas decorations in the dining and living rooms and, alas, no other rooms we painted in our absence. We spent today taming some of the "wreckage" in the house and Mike got busy insulating the storage area. The crates of books are now unpacked and installed in the two lovely bookshelves that Mike built for the livingroom. I hope to get the Christmas tree and wreaths tomorrow and break the back of the decorating. I want to get the upstairs and downstairs halls painted this week and then I am off again to see the new paint line that TimberMart has brought in to choose the colours for the remaining rooms. I also have to resume the Christmas baking - this time for us and for gifts for our neighbours.

I started my 90 Day ViSalus Challenge today. I have been using this product since October and have felt great - that is until we left on our roadtrip and got off track. There was a marked change in my energy level (downward spiral) and feeling of wellness (I felt like Crap) without my morning shake so I am back on the programme and seriously tracking my consumption, measurements, and energy.