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Free Marina at Great Bahama Island

A quick post today as I am at work and don't wish to get caught.

I got an e-mail today from a lady who works for the Sunrise resort and Marina on Grand Bahama Island. She is quite open that she was cruising the Sailblogs site and from the contents of her e-mail it was obvious that she had taken the trouble to read our postings and knew that we were on the hard for a while. Nevertheless she asked me to pass along the info about their marina. Apparently they have a deal to try to attract cruisers - two free days dockage, all you pay is electricity and water. I have never been to the marina so I can't personally vouch for it but from their website Sunrise Marina it would appear to be a nice spot. Also, I don't know what their electric or water fees are - flat rate or do they meter it - so I can't talk to that either. The offer is open until mid-April so anyone out there who is planning to cruise top that part of the world it might be worth a look. It is a port of entry so if you were to leave Lake Worth in the evening and sail through the night, you would arrive there in the AM in time to clear customs. We have only gone to West End before, but this place would seem more attractive since it is closer to Freeport where ther is a lot more to do etc. If anyone does try it please let us know what it was like.