The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Dreaming about sailing again

The nailing is going way, way faster now that I am putting the nails into the tongue side rather than the grove. Duh-oh! When I have done small areas of hardwood floor in the past it didn’t make any difference since I was using a hammer and nails, but with the air gun it certainly does. Everything is going way faster now that I have figured that out. Indeed, it wasn’t me that came to that conclusion exactly – I looked at the instructions on the box of nails! Double Duh-oh!!!

It would appear that number one son will come to our rescue with the vehicle shuffle once we head south again. Having ready our post he offered to take our car down to meet us in the Chesapeake to give us the wheels back. We just need to pay for the gas. That’s a pretty reasonable offer. I might even be persuaded to spring for hotel and meals even though he didn’t ask for it. Things are unfolding....

For this summer we are already making plans for the weekend cruises. In our original run up to retirement we had often sailed down as far as Shelburne, in fact those cruises are one of the reasons that we became so enamoured with the place that it was a no brainer to stay here when we decided that we needed to do something about Barb’s knees. The thing is, whenever we left here to head south, we really never did much exploring on the way. It was just cast off, next stop Cape Cod, so we are planning to spend some time gunkholing around the coast between here and Cape Sable going south and between here and Liverpool heading back to Halifax. We have recce’ed out the area from land and on the charts and it would appear that there are loads of good anchorages and little harbours and bays that we could explore and dozens of offshore islands to dingy into for dog walks and photo ops. We’ll blog them all but I think I can say with some confidence that it will be fun and interesting.

The big island at the mouth of Shelburne Harbour, McNutts Island, is by itself a great place for exploration. There is even some property for sale there at not too exorbitant prices (if we ever win the lotto). There is a government wharf to land at and roads and trails to explore. It is the one island that we have been to before but it has always been a bit rushed so we are looking forward to a couple of leisurely weekends anchored off the wharf, taking the dingy ashore or to motor around the island fishing for dinner. There are always mackerel, haddock and cod, and occasionally the odd escapee from the salmon aquaculture pens.

I see beach parties in our future......