The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

She's doin' it!

I am so proud of Herself! Taking the recommeded painkillers (now I know why they are prescribed) she has been able to work her flexibility up to 90 degrees after being on the cold pack and painkillers for awhile. This is great! So far she has turned down the painkillas that I offered to make for her out of rum, which is probably a good thing as they likely wouldn't go well with her meds, but after icing the joint and reducing the pain she is able to move her knee into the range of motion that she needs for a good recovery. Hopefully as time progresses she will be able to cut back on the pain meds.

We have an appointment next Tuesday to head on back into Halifax to visit the surgeon and get the staples removed. Hopefully we can also initiate the conversation for the other knee at that time too. I watched a video of the surgery again yesterday and was struck by how fast it is. Forty minutes and they're closing! I had also forgotten that much of the prothesises are held in place by a fast setting glue/cement. Orthopedic surgery and its tools are always an eye opener - saws and hammers and chisels really don't seem to be in keeping with the 21st century and yet I know that this stuff is state of the art. I am glad that Barb was asleep through out the process.

We are begining to make plans too for the launch in the spring. As of now we are looking at heading into Halifax toward the end of April for a week to get the boat ready. That means that I will have to have the propane tank on the MoHo replaced by then so we will have a ground level place to stay. I know that Barb will not likely be interestes in climbing the ten feet up to the boat's deck while we are on the hard. I will also install the solar panels on the MoHo so we will have battery power for the week without having to be plugged in.

Let's see, what are the must do jobs?

Cleanup below decks
make up bunks and spray anti mildew

reconnect guage wiring for the engine
reconnect the radar
reconnect the FLS
test all

reconnect the shaft to the transmission
confirm all hose connections
check fluid levels

bend on jib
mizzen support
clean up

A full week!