The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Winter is still gasping on....

In spite of all my sage predictions Ol' Man Winter had a joke to play on me that showed who is truly the boss. It snowed last night. Big wet flakes, it's true, and they are already melting and the streets and sidewalks are already clear, but when we awoke this morning there was almost 2" of the wet white stuff on the car. I guess I shouldn't try to second guess Old Mother Nature, eh?

Barb is trundling about the house rather well now; still trouble with stairs in that she can't actually scamper up and down them, but she can move about on the level very well. The physiotherapist is happy with her progress even if Barb herself is a little impatient. I, of course, am the poster child of husbandly patience, the paragon of loving care and concern waiting on her hand and foot etc etc. The only problem being that I am not there during the day and that's when she gets in her own digs and soldiers on.

I'd like to invite any and all cruisers out there that are reading this, if they are in the neighbourhood of Shelburne this summer, to drop in. Not only do we have a great deep sheltered harbour which makes for a wonderful place to clear customs if you are arriving from the US, but this summer we have a lot of events lined up that would be great fun to participate in as a visitor. Just hail the Shelburne Harbour Yacht Club when you clear the Sandy Point Lighthouse midway up the harbour and they will direct you to a mooring or to the dock if that would be your preference. If neither of those would suit there is ample room to anchor and you can still use either the town dock or the yacht club to dingy to. What events? Well every summer we have a re-enactment festival called Founders Days that celebrates the arrival of the United Empire Loyalists arriving on our shores in 1783, and the following week by Tall Ships in which we will have at last count 5 of the Tall Ships regatta arriving here for the weekend. If you were to get here in time for Founders Days and stay for the week you could take in both. Add to those we have a Whirlygig Festival which is a celebration and display of those wind driven mechanical animated sculptures that you will often see on wind vanes. It is great fun to see the imaginations and ingenuity that some folk have in making these things. And then later in the year there is a kayaking festival in September that involves workshops, guided tours, diners and parties at the campground just across the harbour from town. These are only a few of the events. If you add them to the already great attractions of the Shelburne waterfront - Historical District, Osprey Arts Centre, close proximity to stores and shopping; the yacht club and its relatively low rates for dockage and moorings; free anchorage in sheltered areas within easy dingy distance to town, and you have what I believe is a winning combination. So, as I started this paragraph, if you are in the area or planning to be nearby, why not factor in a visit? If you do, fire me off a message and I'd be happy to coordinate things at this end for you. Since it looks as though I am going to be dirt bound at least until fall of 2013 and perhaps even later this will be my little way of staying afloat, even if only in my imagination.