The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Been a While

We have been busy. Saturday saw another auction from which we were able to add to our restoration furniture with a Victorian hall table, a washroom stand, a Victorola music cupboard and an old oak table that I am using for a printer table. On the tool front I was able to get a table sander and shaper, two extension ladders, and a leaf blower. Oh, and another Persian-like rug that is now underfoot in our TV room. All this for very reasonable prices. That's something that is quite remarkable about auctions I am finding - you can get some really great buys and then sit there and watch people spend extraordinary sums on what I think is crap. They might be saying the same thing about us I suppose.

The time is fast approaching that I have to get to work on the upstairs bathroom. I have been avoiding it as I will have to shut off the water for the time of the construction and with Barb's knee I didn't like the idea of her trying to get down the stairs at night to use the facilities. When she gives me the high sign I will get going.

Nelleke is ready for this weekend and our trip to Lockport for the Canada Day weekend. Still only Barb and I as crew so it will be a sedate trip but it promises to be fun. The weather seems to be cooperating so at least it will be clear and if the weather witches are right we will have SW winds which will mean a close reach out of the harbour, a gybe at the mouth and then a broad reach to a run all the way down the coast - all good points of sail for Nelleke. Who knows, we may even get to try out our cruising spinnaker. With only Barb and myself aboard I don't think that I would brave the radial. We are not expecting to be in the hardware at the end of things but it will be nice to participate in the fun.

I am beginning to discover the down side of being a civilian public servant. Everyone it seems feels that they are your boss, and I suppose in some ways they are right, but they can't seem to grasp that there are numerous other "bosses" who also have their pet projects clamouring to be at the top of our to-do list. There is one lady who has an agenda to get a couple of trees cut down that are on town property but overhanging her yard. She is a former politico from somewhere else in Canada who has tried everything to get us to knock the trees down including claiming that they are dying. There is something wrong with them but the local specialists tell me that it is an insect infestation not a disease and that they should be sprayed instead. This person at least is charming and pleasant to speak to even though she isn't necessarily getting what she wants. There is another individual who is proving to be very difficult to deal with and that's a fellow who used to be the senior unelected official in the town, now retired, who is having problems dealing with the fact that things aren't being done as he did them. He keeps ranting about how things should be done which happens to be how they were done back in his day, etc. etc. Oh well. I guess that's one of the little crosses that I have to bear. Of course in a short while we will have rebuilt the cruising kitty enough that, if necessary, I won't have to put up with it if it becomes too much. I have been told that in the past the work atmosphere here was absolutely poisonous which has all changed now that the senior people running the place (not me so much as the new guy that they have hired as CAO). I really would like to get some of the HR things established before I leave, things that will entrench stuff like performance reviews, training plans and career path development; all things that you would expect to be in place in a 21st centrury workplace but which have been studiously avoided by past administrations in order to keep employees "under control". One positive thing is that the current elected officials do have an appetite for this sort of change, but on the other hand there is an election coming up.