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New Year's Post

Happy New Year Everyone

Leaning into the New Year

Another Christmas downrange! Another year older!


Why can’t I be 30 again? Wouldn’t that be a great Christmas present? A magic ticket back to our prime with all the experience that we have gathered since then.

(Double sigh!)

I hope everyone’s holidays went well and Christmas was everything that you hoped that it would be. We had our first Christmas party in the new house on Christmas Eve Eve and had anywhere from 70-90 people drop in. Unfortunately we weren’t charging admission but still we had a great time and I think everyone else who attended did too. We were the recipients of several bottles of wine to go into the cellar and loads of positive thoughts and good wishes from friends and neighbours. Any lingering doubts that I might have had about the strength of our floors have finally been laid to rest and as a side benefit we have learned that the house is really sound proof. Even with 80 or so people inside having a rollicking good time new attendees were telling us when they entered that they weren’t sure if there actually was a party since there was no noise. So, that’s good to know!

So far no snow.

(Hurrah! Loud cheers!)

Cheered too soon or else I didn’t post the first part of this soon enough. In either case we have had snow, but even at that we dodged the bullet. The weather witches were calling for 40 cm of snow and in total over three days we got 1.5! Hardly enough to call out the ploughs, but we did and the pavement scraping went on for the whole day and much of the evening. What fun!

Now with both our kids gone back to their respective homes and careers again we are empty nesters once more except that we are sitting our grand-dog and two grand-rats for a week. Our neighbour, Glee, has a python which escaped last summer and I am half expecting to wake up one morning and discover that the rats have disappeared and have been replaced with a very rotund snake. I am wondering what excuse I can make to our daughter whose rats they are, but I suppose that no excuse will be acceptable.

Next week we are hoping that the technician will be here to install our new heat pump which we have chosen to replace, at least for the upstairs, the forced hot air, oil fired furnace. The system that came with the house was single zoned with the thermostat downstairs in the living room right next to the fireplace. We will be using the heat pump to heat the upstairs and we will remove the ducts to the upstairs from the oil furnace. This way the furnace will more effectively heat the downstairs and the heat pump will keep upstairs toasty in the winter and cool as an AC in the summer. We should significantly cut down our oil bill and from what I have observed the technology for heat pumps has improved considerably and we should heat the upstairs for much less in electrical costs than we paid for oil. If all goes well our plan would be to replace the oil furnace with a second heat pump when the furnace expires (they cost about the same).