The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

The Die is Set.....

Those few who may still be reading this as we aren`t cruising and it certainly isn`t as interesting as perhaps it used to be, will know that there have been some issues with the dinosaurs here in town that have been affecting my job and my mental state. Over the past weekend Barb and I have had numerous conversations about it with the aim of determining my own personal way ahead. We have come to the conclusion that the best defence is a strong offence and to that end I have filed a grievance against certain members of the town council citing harassment and interference with my ability to conduct myself in the workplace. The ball is now in their court instead of in mine. I had the best night`s sleep that I have had in over a month last night – no more mind racing, tossing and turning, just head down and Zzzzzzzzzzzz....! More Zzzzzzzz than Barb would care for but at least I was getting some rest. Their options are to censure the offending councillors and I am going to insist that be done publicly since they have been harassing me in public or they can lay me off with a reasonable severance package. Otherwise it will necessitate a court date. They will be having a couple of meetings over the next couple of days so I should get an idea of what will be happening.

As for Nelleke, it is still a bit too cold for me to take the pressure washer out to clean her off. I could do it but the idea of getting soaking wet in temperatures that remain less than 10 degrees is not too terribly attractive, especially as there is a lot of other stuff that I can do. I am replacing the tender lift points that I have made for it out of plywood with four pieces of ironwood. This will result in lift points that are extremely strong and which shouldn`t need replacing for as long as I own the dingy. I did notice that the inflatable pontoons are sunburnt again which is starting to be a serious pain. I wish that there was something that we could do to prevent it. Barb has suggested that she make some covers for them that can be fit over them and drawn down snugly with holes for the oarlocks and the two hand grips. Perhaps that can be one of her projects for this year. She has become quite good at canvas work so this should be duck soup for her. We have also started on the varnishing for those items that we can remove from the boat and bring to my workshop for the actual work. This is really only the cockpit floorboards so I am half way through working on them.

I have designed two more additions to the Nelleke Library’s Storm Treader booklet. These two additions are for what I am calling flopper-stoppers and no they are not female upper body undergarments. They are roll inhibitors for use at an anchorage that you can easily make. One is made from an old plastic milk carton and the other is a simple triangle of corner weighted fibreglass. Once I get the design finalized I will post some pictures. I can`t patent them since I have found a version of the fibreglass one out on the internet and the milk carton idea is just so obvious that I can`t force myself to imagine that I was the first to come up with the concept. Besides, if someone wants to make one of them for themselves why would I want to impede them in any way.

Like most of the rest of the world I am watching with shock and astonishment the tragedy in Boston, asking myself what kind of mind could possibly imagine that detonating a bomb in a crowd of spectators is a good idea. I understand that the prime idea of terrorism is to make everyone in your target country feel that they are not safe, but that? What is it in their heads that causes them to go so far off the rails as far as basic humanity is concerned?