The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

After five years back at Seven Seas

Today started off bright with promise, 0630 and we slipped the mooring at St Augustine's, waved to Alan and Heather from Moonlight Maid, reported our departure to the marina staff, and sets off down the ditch. For a while we were the only boat moving but gradually as more and more crews awoke and got under way they began to catch up with us, sail and power boats alike. I was really astounded at how many sail crews pushed their boats under power right to the hull speed. It must be murder on their fuel bills, but it paid off for us at the Matanzas Inlet, a spot that is notorious for shoaling when three of the other larger sailboats went by us and took the lead. They slowed right down and picked their way through and we followed them and the temporary markers and never saw less than two feet under the keel and we were close to low tide.

For the first two thirds of the day the sun was out but both the current and wind were against us. I know that I say that I'd prefer to be offshore and I really would, but the wind was not only not helping but was gusting to over 30 knots so it was a lot more comfortable on the ICW. But then towards the end of the day, the skies clouded over and the rain began to fall. Not pleasant any more.

About an hour and a half before we got to today's destination we passed an old tug tied up on a wharf that had laundry hanging out to dry. As we passed an extremely attractive woman came out on deck and gave all the passing boats a big wave and a come hither smile. I gotta say I was wondering what the job of the tug was as clearly it hadn't moved for some time.

We stopped tonight at the Seven Seas Marina, a nice spot that we stayed at once before alongside Silverheels III. I was looking forward to stopping here mostly because of the small restaurant on site than does an outstanding breakfast. Lynn and Ken, I'm sure you remember this place!

Ok. Now to dry off, relax, and have dinner. Pasta tonight, I think.

Tomorrow on to New Smyrna, just a short hop to position ourselves for Titusville the next day.