The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Full day in T'ville

Now this is more like it. Still not bikini and sun tan weather, but at least I don't regret not bringing our parkas down with us. If it weren't for the brisk and cooling wind it would be almost balmy.

What we were hoping for is like the photo that accompanies this post. It was taken in the spring of 2010 by friends of ours on Patty Jean at Cherrokee Settlement in the Abacos.

We went in to pay for our stay and then went on to visit a cafe and bakery that we were happy to see was still here after our five year absence. The drug store and Save-a-Lot that are all within walking distance of the marina are still here too which is really convenient. I must say though that the slight chill that is still in the air is not like what our first stay here was like back in 2008 when we were absolutely in shorts, t-shirts, and broad brimmed hats. Perhaps the weather will improve. I sure hope so. There are a few Canadian boats in the marina and we are all laughingly being blamed for bringing the "Canadian" weather down with us!

I washed the New Smyrna bird droppings off Nelleke's top sides and we are in process of getting Kayte's cabin ship shape for her visit. I found out that NASA will be launching one of the Orion test shots on Dec 6th at about 0730 and our month long reservation will allow us to stay at least long enough to view it. Imagine, in our lifetimes we have gone from me as a small child watching with great excitement the first turboprop passenger airliner land and take off from Edmonton airport to getting ready to watch a test of the craft that will carry the first manned mission to Mars. I guess that means it's official - I really am getting old.

We are beginning to plan the post Titusville portion of the cruise and have found a really good book in the marina office dealing with anchorages in the Bahamas. We have already crossed to West End under the guidance of Barry and Marcia aboard Troubador so we would like to do something different this time. I am leaning towards Miami to Bimini to clear in to the Barrys and then around to Cherokee Settlement and then to Elbow Key and Hope Town to visit our friends there. After that I think we will head south to Nassau where I am hoping that we will be able to have a visit from son Chris for a week or so before we continue into the Exumas. Never been there so it will be new and exciting. This book has clear and current directions for a number of anchorages all through the country.

We are also leaning more and more towards Indiantown to leave Nelleke for the summer for both insurance purposes and so that next year we won't have the whole business of poking our way south to get to where we really want to be. Also, next year I think that it might be fun to get back into the Gulf side of Florida and maybe go as far as the panhandle, Mississippi and Louisiana. Again, never visited that part of the US by water. Maybe I'm looking to far ahead at present. Who knows what tomorrow brings.