The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Florida weather at last.....

......nice and sunny! Hurrah! We even had a housefly or three to irritate us today.

We spent most of the day doing boat chores and getting ready for Kayte's arrival. Yoki Yanmar has had her oil and filter changed and I have checked the various bolts for proper tension and we are giving Nelleke a good general clean. Peri and I have both had haircuts, mine voluntarily and his under some protest although he was happy with the end result.

There is a railway running just past the marina which seems to be a lot more active than last time we were here four+ years ago. This is good news for the town since I have the impression that the Titusville heyday was during the manned space flight program and with the manned launches all happening from Russia now there isn't all that much happening other than tourism. There do seem to be a couple of new industrial buildings to the north of here which may be where the trains at going so there may be some new life being breathed into the place.

We are trying to find a way to get the ships MarineNav computer repaired. Earlier in the cruise the power source in the DC load centre shorted out to another contact and somehow I think fried something crucial in it. Trouble with it is that not many people down here have even heard of a MarineNav computer let alone work on them. I guess we'll be taking it home with us in the spring to have it fixed.

Titusville would be an ok place to stay for the winter if you had a car especially if you are a space nut as there are a number of museums, displays, and of course that actual space program to pique your interest. But we don't have a car except for when Kayte will be down so we will be off sometime in the first week of December. I want to hang around at least as long as the Orion launch but then after that I was thinking Canaveral Canal to Fort Pierce to the inlet just below Lake Worth to Miami in day sails and the. Into Key Biscayne to wait for a crossing to the Bahamas with first landfall at Bimini. Then from there it will be as the weather allows.