The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Winter Projects - Lifeline Netting

This one is actually the Admiral's or Barb's winter project. NELLEKE has splash cloths surrounding the cockpit and when we bought the boat there was some very rudimentary netting run around the rest of the boat's lifelines. It was old and perished so the Admiral ripped it off.

Subsequently Periwinkle and Al have joined the family and became a regular members of the crew. We then realized that for them a simple stroll around the deck could become life threatening as the slighest unexpected roll, pitch or yaw could have them over the side in a blink of the eye. The answer? Renewed netting all around on the lifelines. I designed them and Barb is in the process of sewing them. We deliberately set them up as framed nets with grommets to we can take them down in sections for repairs or cleaning. It's more involved that I had thought but she expects to have them completed for the launching this summer.