The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Back home again


Last post for this cruise.

We are home! Hurrah!

Monday morning we left Port Washington and motorsailed up Long Island Sound all day and overnight to pull into Onset for fuel and water and then immediately pulled out again to catch the tidal current through the canal in our direction.

We burped out into the bay after a little over an hour to travel the 14 kilometres. Our average speed was over 10 kts. Then we motored across the bay to the tip of Cape Cod and around the corner on a course of 090 magnetic for Brazil Rock where we arrived in 36 hours of motor sailing. From there it was four more hours home and we are tied up at the dock at SHYC. Somewhere in the initial 36 hours I strained something in my instep and also in my back so for me the trip was rather gruelling. The Admiral shouldered the shortfall and everything was done safely. Nelleke, Yoki, and Otto did yoman's service as well with no problems.

On a very much plus side during the daylight hours we saw two occasions of multiple humpback whale sightings with a full range of spectacular activity - breaching, tail slapping, and fin slapping. I had seen that all in various media before but never before live and in person. Thrilling!

We have unloaded most of the stuff from the boat and will finish that job tomorrow. Then comes the requirement to get started on "the list".

Lots to do over the next 18 months.