The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

A few words from the Admiral

Well, did you feel a shift in the firmament around dinner time today? We have closed the house and moved to the boat. I basically cleaned my way out of the house while I updated and backed up my laptop. That marked the end of my town-based jobs.

Now to get at putting the boat to rights. The books, clothing, cleaning supplies, food and dry goods have all been stowed and our bunk is made up but there still are a myriad of things to put away that I brought out of the house - cameras, some more warm clothes and toiletries and such. I also have to install the cabin curtains that I made this summer. A few hours of futzing tomorrow will take care of that and Nelleke will be pretty shipshape below decks.

We will have lots of time to test the ship's systems as Mother Nature continues her temper tantrums and keeps us in port in Shelburne. Eventually we will move out to a mooring as the Club is taking the docks out on Saturday. Mike will help with that while I work with some other folks to tidy up the gardens around the Yacht Club/Osprey building. So, camping out on the boat in the harbour of our town is the name of the game while we wait for the weather to sort itself out. We had a nice surprise this evening - we had a FaceTime chat with Kayte, Sam and Julia - great to catch up with them. We will really miss seeing them over the coming months and especially at Christmas but we are hoping they will be able to visit in February. We also hope that Chris and Stephanie will be able to coordinate their schedules to come down at some point this winter.

We are snug and warm inside the boat while the rain is coming down with a vengeance so perhaps it is time to wash up and crawl into bed and get some rest before another busy day tomorrow. I want to get the clutter stowed away so that perhaps I will actually be able to get at my knitting projects that have been carefully stowed on board - more about those projects in a later post. The photo accompanying this post is of the patterns and most of the wool that I have now squirrelled away on the boat. You would be surprised how much you can jam in a few totes if you use those nifty vacuum sealed bags...