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Winter Projects - New GPS

That's done. The new GPS is installed and running and we are really happy with it. It has many more new features than the old one did; colour and smaller in size.

As I have mentioned elsewhere I have been able to reduce the number of wires leading aft by one half and made the whole thing a lot easier to access and maintain.

01/28/2008 07:33:31

Well, I am preparing myself to spend even more boat bucks. Fortunately with this one I even have the Admiral's full endorsement. NELLEKE's main GPS at present is a Standard Horizon CP160, a great little device that has done us yoman's service on NELLEKE and our two previous boats NEHALLENIA and MOON SNAIL. The only problem is that it can only carry the small C-Map cartridges, and for our trip south this fall I would need to buy 4 more at a cost of $200 each. I would also be plugging them in and then unplugging them after we left that area. Annoying! Especially after I find out that the technology is such that the whole region from the North Pole to the northern coast of South America can be put on a single chip the C-Map Wide Max. Trouble is, the newer chip is not compatable with the CP160. Can you spell frustrating?!

Then I discover that to replace the old GPS with a newer CP180 and the new chip would only cost $50 more that what I would have to pay for the four additional small chips. Add to that the benefit of the additional features of the newer technology, smaller size and lower power consumption, and guess what the chosen solution is?

We will be putting the "old" GPS down below at the inside helm station and it will further serve as the backup in case something happens to the new one.

Another "Preparation" project.

More money.

Jeeze, I wish I was rich!