The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Starting our river cruise

We have begun our winter cruise a month early thanks to the kindness of our children. I am writing this from our cabin from aboard a Rhine River cruise boat getting rested up and rid of the jet lag from our flight here from Toronto to Z├╝rich last night. Neither Barbara nor I have ever been on any sort of holiday cruise before, other than the ones that we act on for ourselves a board Nelleke so to be waited on in an all inclusive environment is very new, almost unbelievable, but regardless extremely pleasant and a lot of fun. It is quite amazing how much they can fit into one of these long thin cruise liners. Our Cabin has a sliding glass French door all down one wall, A mini bar, a TV, and a very nice washroom. The whole place is clean almost to the point of incredible. The upper deck has a walking path around it but if you chose to run on it given the size of the boat for time around I think would be a kilometer. There is also a small whirl pool and I expect they'll probably set up a bar up there once we are under way. There is a small gym that opens at seven in the morning so I will be able to maintain my exercise regimen, there are three different places for meals to avoid double also as lounges.

There was some turbulence on both the flights here both after takeoff and before landing but the timings and connections were seamless. I must admit I was startled at how cosmopolitan the Halifax airport has become, but then we got to Toronto and realized that it was still very much a country cousin.
much a country cousin.

This cruise will steam mostly at night and during the day we will have a choice of different tours some of which are included in the price of the cruise, and some for a small extra amount. There is no doubt we will enjoy ourselves immensely.

This posting will be very brief and I need to get some sleep, but Barbara is already started taking photographs and we will post them along with any that I might take on the following days.