The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Storm coming......again!

Thursday 31 October 2019

Happy Halloween to everyone.

We are in our third day at Great Bridge free dock and, touch wood, no one has complained about us outstaying our welcome. Our RAM Mics should be arriving sometime today so if the weather is ok we will be setting off tomorrow.

We can't be all that late heading south as while we have been sitting here we have been watching a steady parade of boats, power and sail, streaming past us, most continuing, but if they are arriving after lunch, particularly the sailboats are stopping here for the night too.

The Dock Master at AYB has kindly allowed us to take showers and do the laundry at their facilities and the Ship's Store there is bringing in some silicon lubricant so we can maintain the pump on the head that has begun to squeak badly.

We had our first BBQ last night and has Estelle as a guest. The Bratwurst were great. We will have another BBQ tonight. This time we will have steak. I can remember in my glory days when I didn't think twice about wrapping my chops around a 16 oz steak. Nowadays we get a nice 8 oz and Barb and I split it. Still enjoy it but if we have any more my stomach will ache for hours. I guess I'm getting old.

Our anchor light still doesn't work but I am not going up the mast to change the bulb until Barb is back to 100% as I need her to be able to belay the halyard that's I will be attaching the Bos'n chair to. She banged up her sternum about two weeks ago and it it taking its own sweet time to get back to normal.

The two RAM mics arrived and I plugged in the CommandMicIII and it works perfectly. Hurrah! I wasn't looking forward to heading down the ICW and not knowing if I was going to be able to talk to the next bridge operator or not.

We also got some intel from another boater that we could go down the Pamlico Sound which I had always heard was too shallow for us. He told me that he did it I. A boat that draws 6' so perhaps we could. When we clear into the open water after Coinjock we will look at the weather and see if that makes sense. It would be something different for us.

Oh dear! I just checked the chart and there still is a lot of shallow water but more importantly there are fixed bridges at 44', much too low for us.

I guess we will be going on the original route. However we have heard that there will be strong winds tomorrow on Currituck Sound, so if that forecast is the same tomorrow we might leave on Saturday instead. Don't need 4' seas on a small shallow sound where the charted depts are as little as 9'.

Whoops. We are watching the weather on TV and it looks like tonight will be a blow with possible thunderstorms and tornados! What fun! I will let you all know tomorrow morning how we made out.