The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

We have broken 100

Tuesday 11 February 2020
Up early again as is our habit but during the night we had decided that Coinjock today was simply too far. On the way down we left from an anchorage 30 miles this side of Coinjock and only got as far as Tusgee Anchorage on the north side of the Alligator River Pungo Creek Canal. The canal is 22 miles long so would have been another three hours. So, we figure that from here to the other end of the canal is about four hours, then add three to get to Alligator River Bridge (the marina is just on the other, North, side) will make for a seven hour day. That’s enough. We started today at mile 132 and the marina is at 84. That’s a forty-eight mile day. Plenty. Then tomorrow we can have an even shorter day to Coinjock and stage for the push to Norfolk.

We got through the canal at ten-thirty and proceeded to the Alligator River. Through the passage of the canal I was beginning to wonder if we were the only people out on the water and then when we were almost to the end there were three other boats passed us heading south. Another day of reminiscing and trying to fix sights in our minds. Life should be an adventure. I have heard of too many stories of people who work all their lives and then retire and have nothing with which to define themselves. Barb and I have been discussing our plans with Nelleke and although we have not met all our objectives, still we have done a lot more that loads of other folks and it ain’t over yet. If we come into major windfall money we may continue boating only a different kind. If we don’t our adventures will be with the Westy and vacation trips to other places in the world.

As we were motoring up the Alligator River one of the local air or naval air detachments put on a private air show for us with jets repeatedly doing Immelmann turns above us. It was really quite spectacular and a lot of fun to watch.

Before lunch we passed the 100 mile mark. For me this was huge! When we began this run back north to put Nelleke up on the hard and fly home the thousand miles seemed almost beyond reach. Now here we are just three days travel from Deltaville. As I mentioned yesterday, distance is no longer the obstacle, rather weather is. The winds today are stronger than I would like (what else is new?) but at least they are from astern. If they remain from that direction I have no problem crossing the Albermarle Sound tomorrow to get to Coinjock.

Or perhaps not! We stopped for the day at one-thirty and only just got through the Alligator River Bridge before they began talking about closing it down due to the increasing winds.


If the winds don’t abate, at least for the morning, we will probably stay here tomorrow too. We’ll have to see.

The marina has a grill with daily specials. Today’s is chicken livers and gizzards with rice and green beans - yum!? I have had chicken livers and they aren’t too bad, but gizzards?

As I said earlier, a 48 mile day and we are at mile 84. Under 100 to go!