The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Sunday at Mathews

Sunday 16 February 2020
What a relief! We have managed the 1065 statute miles from Stuart to Deltaville in 28 days which included a three night stop in New Smyrna Beach to visit Ken and Sherri and a two day repair stop in Jacksonville plus three days at Carolona Beach State Park. This means that in 23 days of steaming we covered that distance. We have averaged a little over 46 statute miles each travel day. Good ol’ Nelleke! Good ol’ Yoki Yanmar! Now we are at our stage one destination, almost, and have a car rented for the 18th and will be heading to Durham to visit our friends Peter and Lynn on the 20th or 21st and then coming back to Richmond on the evening of the 23rd for our flights home on the 24th. I don't want to jinx anything but I think we have accomplished our aim. (That’s a phrase from my military past. The commander always seeks to accomplish the aim set for him by his boss. In this case, Barb and I are sort of joint bosses)

Last night was one of sheer indulgence. Setting aside the company and wonderful meal, the luxury of a hot tub and to sleep in a full sized double bed with sheets and blankets and not be facing the requirement to get up, make breakfast, do first parade and get underway.....well! It was wonderful.

When we got up we could see Nelleke at their dock from the guest bedroom window and frost on her sail covers so we knew that last night was another chilly one. Thanks to Chris and Bill we suffered no pain. We went down to check and the little heater that could was still chigging away keeping the cabin above freezing.

In the morning, Bill and Chris took us out to introduce us to the Mathews Yacht Club, their club. It had a lot of feature that SHYC could take advantage of. They have no more than 400 members but they do have a kitchen and wait staff and have regular meals available as well as bar service their souvenir burgees are hung from the walls each on it's own small horizontal staff so that the burgee hung straight down. I think that we could do that. They also gave us a tour of the community it isn't any bigger than Shelburne so everything that they have done could possibly be doable at SHYC. I will have to discuss this with the new committee.

Bill gave me a tour of his workshop and got me thinking of doing something about getting all my tools out of the basement and into someplace that would be better to work in. He also showed me some equipment that I would love to have. Drool, slurp......

Another meal with these great folks and they have kindly offered to let us stay on the hard in their guest bedroom tonight. Wonderful. They are coming up to visit us in Shelburne this summer. That'll be a great time to cruise with them and to reciprocate their hospitality in some way.