The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Deltaville. At last!

Monday 17 February 2030
We're here, at last, in Deltaville. As you can probably tell from the tone of the blog in several places, the trip here has not been without stress, there has been considerable excitement and not all of the positive kind, but in retrospect there has also been a number of good things happen too. Our visit with Ken and Sherri in New Smyrna, our visit with the Robertson's, our discovery of NC Beach State Park Marina, and our stay with Chris and Bill in Mathews, to name just a few. Last night over dinner the Burry's brought up a subject that I had been avoiding, that of the the fact that we, like many Canadian cruising tourists, have been in such a rush to get south that we don't take advantage of the cruising grounds that we pass by in our haste to get to the islands or to Florida. My defence was that we always leave late in the year and are rushing to get south ahead of the frost line but it got me to thinking. They're right. If we were to leave a little earlier we could cruise Maine a bit. We could gunk-hole around in the Chesapeake. We could sail up to Baltimore. We could check out the out islands in NC and SC. Perhaps we will do a little of that in the spring on our way home. At least we could cruise about the Chesapeake from here to either the C&D canal or down to Cape Charles. That's what our friend Louis has been advocating we do all along. We could also check out a bit of Long Island Sound on the mainland side if we go that way.

Bill also gave me a tour of Plover under wraps and I must say that the scope of the projects that they are working on aboard her have put me to shame. At the present time they have the entire port side of the cabin out and are in the process of replacing it with a 2" thick PVC panel. They have already done the stern and the starboard side. By the time they are done much of the wood core portion of the boat will have been replaced. I was thinking that if Nelleke is launched and prepped at the same time as Plover, perhaps we might sail back to Shelburne in their company.

We had already dropped the jib on the trip up to Queens Creek so we took the opportunity to fold and stow it and also secure the inflatable so that we would be as ready as possible when we came alongside.

We set off at ten-thirty, ran aground on the way out from the Burry's dock but powered through and out into the Chesapeake. It was a cold and bumpy day out on the Bay but in less than three hours we were alongside in Deltaville at the Deltaville Yachting Centre. Big Tony came aboard and assessed the situation with the engine and thought that the problem is most likely one of a small alignment requirement and worn engine mounts. I love to hear strong opinions from the fellow that is going to do the work. They are going to enlarge the chain locker scupper and get a new fitting for the water standpipe. They will find out how much it will cost me to get the hull cleaned and waxed and below the waterline scraped and painted. There are a couple of other jobs that I have asked them to do so I fully anticipate a Nelleke with a new lease on life when we get back in May.

Nelleke will be hauled out on Wednesday and we will be going to a motel for the next three nights. I hope she won't miss us too much.