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Friday 21 February 2020
We had a great sleep in Peter and Lynn's presidential suite and awoke to a Canadian morning with about two inches of snow on the ground. The photo on today’s blog was taken part way through the evening yesterday. It seems we dragged our bad weather gremlin with us as Peter and Lynn mentioned that they have not had one flake of snow this winter until we arrived - sorry, folks! We found it amusing that yesterday and today school was cancelled and government agencies were shut down as a "snow" day. I guess they just aren't used to or equipped to deal with snow and sub zero temperatures. Winter tires or even all-season tires just aren't something that folks concern themselves with. The result? When there is snow and ice there is real danger of accidents. If fact, when I walked down the front steps to clear off the car I nearly had an accident on the stone steps up to Peter and Lynn's front door. The smooth surface of the stone was ice covered!

And speaking of clearing off the car.....it was obvious that we weren't in Canada. Any rental car at home would have a snow brush and ice scraper as standard gear, but not in a rental from Virginia with Florida plates! I was brushing the snow off with my arm.

But what an odd day. We had zero to sub zero temperatures all morning with the thermometer climbing during the late afternoon to peak at 4 degrees only to tumble again at night.

Peter and Lynn took us for a drive through the NC countryside to a charming town called Hillsborough about 20 miles away on the Eno River where we stopped for a walk on a rails to trails path and had lunch at The Wooden Nickel Pub. A great afternoon but we ate too much.