The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Day of flying home

Monday 24 February 2020
Today is the travel day that we were rushing to get to Virginia for. Three flights - Richmond to La Guardia, La Guardia to Toronto, and then Toronto and the final leg to Halifax.

Up early again to have the breakfast at the hotel and do the final rearrangement of the packing to satisfy the airline security and then a short drive to the airport to return the rental car and check in to the airline. The first flight leaves at twelve-thirty so we have loads of time.

I will post this now and update it through the day if we get a chance at each of the stops.

We turned in the rental car and got our deposit back and as I write this I am sitting in the departure lounge at seven-thirty waiting for our twelve-thirty flight. We breezed through security thanks to Barb's careful packing and will be doing much thumb twiddling before boarding. The very nice Holly Berri look alike at the ticket counter was able to get our seat assignments all the way through to Halifax. I also discovered to my shock that all checked baggage these days are subject to charge. In our case that came to $130.

Our first leg was on time for us at least. I hope the bags make the transfer from one flight to the next. I will say that La Guardia has been improved since I was last here. No more kitchen linoleum floors and tiny windows. We should be boarding for the flight to Toronto soon but this was the first tome in our traveling together that Barb and I were not able to get seats together. We managed to deal with the separation anxiety but not, perhaps, being shoehorned into the middle seat between two guys the same size as me. Nice fellows but it just isn't comfortable sitting for an hour and a half trying to squeeze yourself narrower.

Regardless we survived the trip and the flight arrived in Toronto, the Good, on time and we have cleared customs, found our gate and had a light meal. Hard to believe that in a hour we will be embarked on the last leg of our winter cruise. The last five months had many good moments; we met some great people; but it still didn't live up to our hopes.

The final leg of the air travel went off without a hitch unless you count a lot of turbulence en route as a hitch. We got back to Halifax at eight-thirty and were met by our daughter who brought us back to her place to hang out while we go to a few appointments and wait for our ride back to Shelburne.

The sailing adventure for this winter is over.