The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Growing Impatience

The wait is starting to drive me nuts!

The time delay until retirement isn't the worst thing - it's the enforced inactivity due to the what we in the rigid-frigid call weather that is most frustrating.

I am fed up with having to watch where I put my feet to keep from slipping on ice on the sidewalks.

I am tired of looking up at the growing clouds and realizing that there will soon be another load of white stuff to shovel.

I am sick of turning on the TV only to be assaulted by some loudmouthed twerp screaming at me to buy his CDs; his absorbant towels; his sexual enhancement pills; .....etc.

Or turn to what used to be at least the traping of ethical reporting in the 5th estate only to see them prostituting themselves for ratings. There are even some of them that avoid reality to the extent of denying the obvious to make ratings and sell their books.

What have we become? Can it get any worse?

The only solution is to abdicate and run away from home. Our own little kingdom aboard our floating dream, pursuing our own interests and broadening our minds.


Of course, the establishment will have to continue paying our pensions.