The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Tying Up More Loose Ends

8 days to go......

The Admiral and I are working at eating up from different ends of this saussage. I am doing the technical boat stuff that I have already posted about and she is wrapping up all the shore based loose ends.

Yesterday she took Peri and Al, our dog and cat in to the vet for their shots and a last check up before departure. They were both judged to be in great shape for what they were and their respective ages and Peri's shots were already up to date. Al, on the other hand, was faced with distemper, rabies and a couple of other jabs. I'm sure he was really impressed, but at least he was very quiet for the rest of the day - slept mostly.

Today we are settling the bank accounts.

I have not been too lazy about this sort of thing either. I have been getting my release info stuff in line and ready for processing after we have left Halifax. Everything seems to be in line.

I found out yesterday that the replacement part for the wind instrument should be in Halifax tomorrow. If I can get that installed and working that will be one more thing off my mind.

The port running light problem turned out to be a simple loose wire - easily fixed.

And I am awaiting, with sweaty paws, the rebuilt electric motor for the anchor windlass.

Our one disappoointment was that were were hoping to get the matteresses replaced on the boat before we left but it now looks like that just won't happen. Maybe we can find someone to do it for us in the US. After all we will have the time while we will be awaiting the 15th of November.