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Three Days and a Wakie

Well. We have been busier that all heck over a beautiful weekend.

Barb was madly working on a bridesmaids dress fro our daughter to wear to a good friends wedding in October that she had promised her that she would make. Obviously it was something that would have to be done prior to departure.

I have been fixing and installing those things that need to be done prior to leaving. I am at peace with the fact that I won't be able to do everything that I wanted to - simply not enough time and not enough good weather - so I am concentrating on those things that I have to get done at the dock and will leave some of the rest to be done while we are at anchor waiting for Nov 15th.

I did a big piece of the watermaker install over the weekend. The package from the manufacturer is pretty good with much of the plumbing pretty much idiot-proofed - Tab A will only fit on Slot B sort of thing. All that's left is the plumbing from teh thru-hull to the pump and from the pump to the intermediate tank. The weather this week looks like it is going to be lousy again so it's good that everything that I have left to do is pretty much inside work.

On the disappointing side I discovered that our wind instrument that I had hoped was the masthead unit giving us the problem was not. Since they don't have parts for the display any more that means a replace. This is one of those things that I can live without having but would make life a lot easier so I'll buy a new one and install enroute.

We have more stuff to take off the boat and on Wednesday Pat and Lisa will move their kit aboard.

Squirm, wriggle, I'm hot to trot and good to go!