The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Gloucester Mass

Gloucester Mass

19 September 2008

42 36.649' : 070 39.322'

Very interesting day beginning with our attempt to get ashore at Star Island on the Isles of Shoals, only to be thwarted by a sign at the head of the dock which read "No Dogs". This, in spite of the fact that the inhabitants had dogs running all over the place. So, instead, we rowed across to Smuttynose Island, the site of the big murder a hundred and fifty years ago, scrambled up some sea plant covered rocks and was able to let poor long suffering Peri do his business. There is supposed to be a ghost and a treasure to be found on this island as well but we found neither.

After getting back to Nelleke, no mean feat I can assure you, as the new dingy rows well but because of the buoyancy issues Barb must sit in the bows and I in the stern and row facing forward. In calm waters that's quite pleasant, but in any kind of a wind it becomes a lot like work. We still can't sling the dingy as I still have to make a few adjustments to the seats so that they'll take the strain, but we did lift it once and it is much, much lighter than the Zodiac.

The trip here was interesting. Very little wind to speak of but still a lot of sea left over from the wind storm last night, so we have 2 meter seas occasionally building to 3 with little wind in the sails to steady us. To top that off, the seas were abeam with the prevailing wind which would normally make it our best point of sailing if we could.

Arrived at Gloucester Harbor and tied off to a very convenient mooring. We have decided to stay here two nights to get some more stuff done to the boat. I could do the final work on the dingy so we can sling her and clean the carburetor on the Seagull to name just two. I'm sure that Barb has a job jar for us as well.

Barb and I continue to be struck at the size and grandeur of some of the homes here. We saw a castle on the way into the harbour which turned out to belong to the Rev Moon. Looks like there's money if ya git religion! We took a walk downtown in the evening before supper. Amazing how many restaurants and art galleries there are even in a town that on the surface is still a fishing port! Then you remember all the huge homes dotting the shoreline on the way in and I guess you remember that this is still really close to Boston and only a commuter ride from some really big paying jobs.

Tomorrow - into the job jar!