The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

Exploring Georgetown.

We got to sleep in a bit this morning except that we helped a couple of motor cruisers get away from the dock to continue their trip which was kind of fun and then we got to help a couple of sailboats arrive after having spent 3 days at sea sailing up from Florida.

Barb and I gave Paula Perkins her well earned oil change and then we set off into town with Mary Lou and Jay for an explore. Georgetown is a very interesting little city or big town that has the luxury or two major industries supporting it, a paper and a steel mill, plus they are working very hard on developing a tourism industry here. Apparently the Confederate General who had the nickname the Swamp Fox came from these parts so his personality figures prominently in their tourism. They have also developed the waterfront with numerous businesses fronting both on the harbour boardwalk and on the main street in town, docks, marinas, and seafood processors and retailers. It was a delight to walk along poking into various stress and museums as well as meeting some of the folks that live here. There is a photo in the gallery of one of the signs at the employee's entrance to the steel mill that reads "No Weapons". I guess that would be a concern where folks have the freedom to bear arms. Even if there was no deliberate violence I suppose that the heat could set off rounds while still in the chamber and injure the bearer.

We were looking for a marine consignment store which seemed to be very elusive. Even when we finally stopped and asked a fellow at a small engine repair shop they had no idea. On the plus side the fellow we asked, a Mr Cliff Grey was kind enough to drive us back to the centre of town. Barb, Mary Lou, Jay and their dog all rode in the back of the truck while I got to sit up with Cliff. He was a facinatin' fellow having survived four near death auto accidents and was still of sunny disposition and a basically nice fellow. I gave him one of our boat cards and asked that he contact us by e-mail so we can keep in touch.

We stopped at a seafood retailer and there I finally found out what hush puppies are. I had no idea that they were something as simple as breaded dough that has been deep fried and that you eat with whatever sort of dip you like. We bought some along with a pound of 15 count shrimp as well as some dip to eat with them.

We have installed our old VHF with RAM mike aboard Screech so they will have an easier time of radio traffic, but we still haven't been able to get our FRS radios to talk to theirs. We can hear them all right; we can hear our other radios; but they can't hear us. I have suspicion that this is some kind of Industry Canada thing that they stuck in so that you can only talk to someone else that bought their radios at the same time. Sneeeeeeky, eh!

I also was able to find out why Clearpoint Weather and the Iridium phone stopped working. We have changed both our credit cards and our e-mail address since our first subscription so when renewal time came they had no way of telling us and they couldn't even simply bill the amount to the original account. Du-oh!

Remember that if you ever find yourself in Georgetown take the time to visit Morsels - a great bakery, deli, grocery store within very comfortable walking distance of the marinas, just a step to the Rice Museum - which you should also take time to visit - well worth it.