The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

A rainy windy day in Marblehead

The foretold fronts came through last night and the weather out on the mooring became wild and woolly. We had intended to go into town for a breakfast at a local diner but after Jay and I took the dogs in we elected to stay aboard the boats for breakfast to see if the weather would settle down. Well, it didn't. After a bit Mary Lou came over in their Zodiac to take Barb and I into town for a tour and to do the laundry. Good thing they had their RHIB for we certainly were not going anywhere safely in the Walker Bay. There was just too much sea running in the mooring field.

When Jay and I were in we saw them bring the restored 12M boat, Heritage in to have her mast put in. That certainly is a gorgeous boat and it's wonderful to see than someone cares enough to restore her to her former days of glory. In fact, I think they have gone one better as the standing rigging is aluminum and, I am told, the sails are Kevlar.

The laundry was like any other laundry but while we were waiting for the wash cycle and after, Mary Lou gave is a brief tour of the old town. She grew up here and knew all the little back roads to get around and I certainly got to see a lot more than I ever did on foot when we came down for the 2007 Marblehead Race. I had always thought that there were only the three major yacht clubs here - Boston Yacht Club, the Corinthian, and the Eastern, but there are actually 3 others too including the Marblehead Yacht club which is a lot more like the clubs that we are used to back home with far less grand facilities and far less grand fees. She took us to Ye Old Candy Shoppe (really called Stowaway Sweets), where you had to open a gate which was counterbalanced by two small cannon balls to close it after you and down a winding path through a wild garden bordered by evergreen trees and a small pond, to the door to the house which was also the shoppe. The door was held shut by a latch which had to be pressed down and lifted to gain entrance and I had the feeling that I was entering into the house of gingerbread and was about to meet the witch who would pop me into her oven for her dinner. But no, the place was filled with all sorts of chocolate and Mary Lou told us that it had been like this even since she was a little girl and would come here with her parents for a special treat. As our special treat she bought us a pound of chocolates and Barb bought some additional fudge and white chocolate covered cashews....yummmm!

From there we went to the diner (the Driftwood) where I bought us some coffee and muffins. I had tried to get into this diner during the Race but with summer and the number of tourists here plus the race crews there was a line-up well down the street so we never got near to it. Today I could see why. The coffee was wonderful and from the look of the menu the meals are inexpensive. Tomorrow we will try to come back for the breakfast.

I have downloaded a forecast from Clearpoint and it looks like things will lay down slightly tomorrow only to pick up again the next day so it would appear that we will be here until Friday at least. At least with all the wind we don't have to worry about electricity. Windy Wendy, the KISS generator, is producing from 6-12A pretty constantly and the house bank is happy. We are sitting in the cabin, which admittedly is bouncing a bit, with the heater on and reading books and relaxing. Altogether, this is a very pleasant way to spend a wet, wild and woolly afternoon.