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13 November 2017 | Shelburne NS
29 June 2017 | SHYC/Shelburne NS
25 June 2017 | Port Washington, NY
24 June 2017 | Port Washington NY
23 June 2017 | Port Washington Town Mooring Field
22 June 2017 | Sandy Hook, NJ
21 June 2017 | Cape May NJ
20 June 2017 | Bohemia River
20 June 2017 | Bohemia River
19 June 2017 | Annapolis MD
18 June 2017 | Annapolis MD
17 June 2017 | Annapolis MD
14 June 2017 | Solomon Island
13 June 2017 | Deltaville VA
12 June 2017 | Great Bridge VA
11 June 2017 | Great Bridge VA
10 June 2017 | Atlantic Yacht Basin Marina, Great Bridge VA
09 June 2017 | Great Bridge, VA
08 June 2017 | Alligator River Marina, NC
07 June 2017 | Alligator River Marina, NC

First post for the summer blog!

19 May 2009 | Halifax, NS
We're alongside in a temporary berth getting set for a summer's worth of work on the boat to prepare for our fall cruise to Bermuda and points south. The club hasn't changed too much - same old politics, same old issues, but still it's a very comfortable spot to return to - familiar, people that we know, etc. The staffs are going to accommodate our needs for a haul out in the near future plus a berth. The only issue is that we may have to move from one berth to another to make use of temporarily vacated spots when one of the members departs on a cruise, etc. The yard manager has been quite ill over the winter (I have had a few conversations with him and he seems to be on the mend, which is a very good thing as he is a great asset to the club) and their schedule is way, way behind. They have only just started to put in the moorings and there are one or two docks that still need to be reassembled, to say nothing of launches. I watched them today and they sure are busy!

We have taken the car in for a vehicle inspection and a brake job and I have been lucky enough to score a great job at the Binnacle, a local boating supply store, for the summer. Barbara finds this amusing and is a state of giggles at the idea that I am getting ready to start my "first" job since retirement. Apparently they like to hire "silverbacks" for their experience and maturity so I guess I fit the bill. It'll be great to get their help in acquiring boat parts for the projects and renovations that we are looking at doing this summer.

We have been in touch with Alan and Heather, the couple that we will likely be accompanying on their boat this fall on the cruise to Bermuda. They are in the final throws of getting their boat ready for the trip. They are located in St Margaret's Bay, so I guess when we start the trip we will be sailing out to RV with them somewhere offshore. We have a lot to discuss with them and we'll start at the CPS annual general meeting this Saturday which happens to be held at AYC, so that's convenient - a short stroll up the hill and a stumble back down to the boat after.

Tonight we had the mortgage specialist over to visit and we found out the straight facts about the level of available monies that we would be able to borrow. It's doable, but tight, so although we are still going to be looking it is increasingly likely that we won't be buying anything until we stop sailing. As the mortgage lady was leaving we had Kayt aboard to share our first BBQ at the AYC docks since we came home. Great pork chops with a pecan mustard glaze. Yummmmmmmmm....!
Vessel Name: Nelleke
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 42 PH Ketch
Hailing Port: SHYC, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
Crew: Mike and Barb
Mike is a retired Candian Forces Army officer who has been dreaming of the cruising lifestyle and visiting new and distant places for years. We started in 2008 with a real shakedown trip to the Gulf of Mexico by way of the ICW. [...]
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