The ship's blog for SV Nelleke out of Shelburne, NS

End of the winter cruise

Day of flying home

Off to Richmond

Walk on the trail side

More visiting

Visiting Peter and Lynn

A day to tool around

Getting Nelleke Ready

Deltaville. At last!

Sunday at Mathews

Aaaaallllmmmmooooossst theeeerre.

Norfolk. At last!

Arrival in Virginia

Almost done...

We have broken 100

Onward through NC

On, haltingly, to Moorehead City

Cold day of movement

Another day storm stayed

Waiting for the storm

In NC. Hurray.

Movin’ along

Long day but progress. Yippie!

Past Charleston

On in the cold

Onward in the rain

Past Hells Gate

Marching through Georgia....

On the way through Georgia now

Back to Fernandina Beach

Second day in Jacksonville

Onward in the chill

Everyone loves Marineland....

Getting ready to leave

Wet day in NSB

On in the cold and wind

On to Titusville. Brrrrr!

Underway. Heading back to Deltaville

Last day at Sunset Bay Marina

Windy day at Lighthouse Point

Another warm day in Stuart

Second post for first day back in Stuart

Back at Stuart

We’re off! Well, no we aren’t

A trip to the south side

Majority Rules Day

Windy day

The day before the weather

Busy day


Sunday at Alice Town

Sunset at the dock

Hot day in Bimini

TGIF in the Bahamas

Hot day in Alice Town

Finally in Bahamas

New Year’s Day

Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve “treat” of a boat repair

A hot day on the ICW



Last day in Stuart

Saturday in Stuart

Friday and some better news

Boxing Day Blues

Second Christmas Post

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve

Back at Stuart

Back in Stuart

A day in Fort Myers

Everglade City and the Park

Everglade City

Trip eve

Phew! Hot again....

Warm first day of the week

The morning after.....

Saturday in Stuart

Friday the (shudder) 13th.

Wet day activities

A trip to Walmart and Bank of America

“Busy busy busy” not really

Busy day and a diner party

Hot Sunday

Saturday in Stuart

Friday in Stuart

Cold morning, beautiful afternoon

A very nice day I Stuart

Cold morning......warmer afternoon

Windy day at the mooring

Sunday at Stuart

Stuart on Saturday

Louis and Bob arrived

Thanksgiving Day in Stuart

Sundowners at the mooring

Stuart and Florida ..... At Last!

Motoring past Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Centre

Still underway

Underway offshore

Second post for Monday

Beaufort and more wandering

A few non-boats words from Barb in Beaufort, SC

Beaufort SC

South Edison River

A warm day in Charleston

Arrival at Charleston

Arrival at Charleston

Moving onward

On to the Osprey

Sunday at Saint James Plantation

The storm has arrived

Saint James Plantation

At last. An offshore jump.

A few notes from Barb from Morehead City Yacht Basin

Windy cold day in Moorehead Coty

Moorehead City NC


Sunday at Oriental

A frustrating day

More in Oriental

Getting things done in Oriental


Dowery Creek - Full day

Dowry Creek Marina

Arrived at Tuckahoe Point

North River Lutz Creek near Coinjock NC

Tornado Warning!!!!!!

Storm coming......again!

Waiting for parts

Stopped at great Bridge

Got here

Down the Chesapeake to Norfolk

Changing day in Annapolis

Great day in Annapolis

We’re back in Annapolis

Onward to Bohemia River

Lewes Delaware

Arrived at Cape May

The day at Cape May


Over to Atlantic Highlands

Beautiful day in Keyport

Keyport, NJ

Did I say yesterday was windy? Not by comparison!

Rainy day in PW

A View From Barb for October 15

Another and perhaps the last sunny day in Port Washington

Arrival at Port Washington

Good night and Happy Thanksgiving

On the way.....again!

A much calmer day in Newport

2 for Friday

Friday on the mooring at Newport

Afternoon post

She’s howling outside

A View from Barb on October 9th

A windy Newport Day

Second and last post for the day from Newport

At sea in Long Island Sound

Windy day in New Bedford

A View from Barb for the evening of October 6th

Full day. Exploring and boat chores

New Bedford


Underway again

Barb’s View for the evening of October 4th

Another day at PIYC

Another day of work

Two steps forward.....

Some ramblings from Barb

Onset first full day

A short post to end the day

Onset, Massachusetts

Provincetown Mass

Land Ho.....

Second day at sea



Well! The weather gods have made up our minds for us

The constant revising plans......

One sleep and a wakie.....

Drawing to the close.....

Two sleeps and a wakie.....

The Countdown Continues

Monday and the weather witches are conspiring

Struggling to get ahead

Getting there......

Provisioning run

It seems very slow but we are getting there

Trying to get the time to finish

Change of plans. Slightly

Another Halifax Trip


Back at work....


Still no power...

Second post


Saturday Morning......,

Waiting for the shoe to drop

Hurricane Prep

Sigh! It really is over.....

Sigh! It’s over.......

Day in Amsterdam

Last full day - sigh!

Cologne Germany

The Romanric Rhine

Day 4 - Heidelberg and Mainz

Day 3 - Strasbourg

Day 2 - Black Forest

Wow! The food here is incredible!

Starting our river cruise

Slogging along

More progress

Damn it's HOT!

All the worrying, all the work.....

Work progresses

Starting to Post Again

Still working on Nelleke

It's damn cold......

Work underway

Back on the hard

Same ol' same ol'

O my! It’s blowing.

Across the harbour

Off the dock and waiting

Back to the home port

Already planning for next year

Day dawns at West Head

A hop, skip and stumble....


Second late evening post for the day

Not off quite yet

On Shipboard Talismans and Mascots

Back to SHYC

Away from the dock.....away......away

Friday...... and getting closer to go time.

First night on the boat....

A few words from the Admiral

We're ready, but nature isn't.

Cold clear light of day......

Talk about frustrating!

A-provisioning we will go.....

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Real progress....or so we thought

Unabashed self congratulations

The mizzen step is repaired........hurrah!

Carrying on......

Progress.......slow but progress never the less

Shout out......

So, what’s the Admiral been up to?

The Archbishop is done!

Still working


After a loooooong, loooong absence.......

Dry Land Post

Back home again

Getting ready to head up the Sound

The pleasant joys of Port Washington

Back in Port Washington

Up the Jersey Coast

Cape May. Hurray

Staging for the C&D Canal

Staging for the C&D Canal

Waiting for the blow

Happy Father's Day

In Annapolis

Chesapeake Chop

Hey. This place looks familiar

Holy Moses! It's HOT!

Sunday. A day of doing little.

Saturday at Great Bridge

Back in Norfolk


A stormy windy day at the dock

Alligator River Adventure

Barb tells me that this is my third post today.......

Chill out on a hot day


Things are almost ready

Still here.......

Another Hot Day at Port Royal

Pardon me while I scream quietly

Day two at Port Royal

Port Royal Landing Marina

Hilton Head with the rich and famous

Still I need GA

A real day in northern Florida

Bump! Again.

Hot day in Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine FL

Plodding further north

Cocoa FL

Cocoa and our friends

A very pleasant day at Eau Gallie

Wednesday and we're underway

Last day at Stuart

Monday and counting down in Stuart town

Lazy Sunday in Stuart

Barb's Mother's Day

Friday on the mooring at Stuart

A hot time in the old town of Stuart

We're off!

Last day with the rental car

Sunday in Central Florida

A weird day

Launch Day.....Yes....No.....Maybe....

The day before the great day...

Post from Barb for May 3&4

What? Another post by Barb already?

Sunday in Florida

Finally. A post from Barb

Evening post at the end of the day

Here I go again. Somebody STOP me!

Friday, getting ready for more sweat

We are here! We are here! Let the bells ring out let the banners fly!

Wow! Two in one day!

Started South.....

Final preparations for departure to Florida

A Visit from Moonlight Maid

Surfacing of Nelleke

Snow Is a Four Letter Word.......

Making Plans

Dry land post

Back home at last.

Almost end of journey

On to Rocky Hill

The plot thickens

A day around the triangle

Another short step

Walking around Savanah

First trip downtown

Nelleke on the hard and we're off!

Busy day, One sleep and then, away!

Twiddling our thumbs...

We're about ready.....just waiting.......

Getting ready for lift off

Time at Indiantown

Starting the bittersweet stuff

Arrival at Indiantown

Getting some stuff arranged at Loggerhead

Stuart Fl

Green Turtle Cay

Not so Treasured Cay....

Last full day in Hope Town

Back in Hope Town

Getting ready to jump back to Abacos

Back to Spanish Wells

Day 9 Exuma Cruise

Day 8 Exuma Cruise

Day 7 Exuma Cruise

Day 6 of Exuma Cruise

Day 5 Exuma

Day 4 into the Exumas

Day 3 into Exumas

Day 2 into Exumas

Day 1 into Exumas

Departing Spanish Wells

Suki is home!

The fronts march through.....

A day trip to Dunmore Town

Hello. Looking for cruiser time!

Running around in a golf cart

Sunday. Again.

Valentine's Day

Away from the Abacos

Nelleke has left the harbour

Wednesday, new plans

Tuesday, sigh! What will we do?

Monday, Monday.

Sunday. Last time to sing in church this year


Windy day

Rainy day

Short one

Helping out and stuff

Cooking for the fish fry

Super Bowl Sunday

Saturday working underwater

Another Friday....

Hump Day in the Abacos

A day of boat work

Day at work and waiting for the main storm

Beginning of a blowy time

Artsy Day

Boat chores and a sunny day

Race day


First month at Hope Town

Sunday after not sleeping all night

Saturday in Hope Town

Bon Voyage, Chris....

Last full day with Chris

Fishing. Not so Yea!

Fishing! Yea!

Rake and scrape

Mikey the Pooh and a windy day

First day with Chris

Waitin' for Chris

Windy blustery day.

Race Day

Working on the water maker

Two days in one

Wake up at the dock....

Moved to alongside

Sigh! Don't know how I can handle all this warm weather....

New Year's Eve in the Bahamas

The price of a strong wifi signal....

Another post from Hope Town

Day after Boxing Day

Merry Christmas

Yoshi joins the family

Scrambling, rowing and getting ready

Visit to Marsh Harbour

Eventful day in Hope Town

We are here in Hope Town

Sunny day in Alice Town

Arrival in the Bahamas

Last day, we think, at Coco it Grove

Provisioning by bus and taxi

Coming down to the wire

Here in Key Biscayne

Lazy day......

Oleta River State Park

Gettin' South

Another step

Wabasso Anchorage

Last minute preparations

Kayte's Departure

Cocoa Beach Art Festival

Briefly Backtracking


Back to the Space Centre

A Very Wet Tuesday

Hot swelters day

No thunderstorm.....

The day before Kayte gets here

Florida weather at last.....

Full day in T'ville

Nelleke becomes a dock queen again

New Symerna, what an interesting place

After five years back at Seven Seas

A beau-to-ful day in St A's

First blustery day in St Augustine

Arrival St Augustine

Jacksonville Beach arrival

Amelia Island

A decision is made, progress too

A windy do nothing day....

Arrival at Cumberland Island

Going offshore for a while. We hope.

Three days worth

First storm past.....

Storm in transit.....

Storm beginning.....

Getting ready for the puff.....and Happy Halloween!

Decisions made....

Close to the Atlantic again....

Catch up

Away again.....

Getting stuff done.......

Wet and cold day in Virginia

Schedule falling more and more into place

Nelleke's back in Deltaville

Back in Virginia

Wanting about Soloman's

On to Soloman's

Last day for this trip at St Michael's

First day at St Michaels

Off to St Michael's

Wake up in de mo-nin'.......

Pissin' down rain......


VIP Day at Boat Show

Counting down the hours to the boat show

A day on the mooring and ashore and in the Dink...

An interesting day

On our ball for the week. Hurrah!

In front of the USNA...

Ho ho yo and back we go.....

Yo ho ho and off we go.....

A Better Day in Annapolis

Arrival at Annapolis

Good bye Cape May, hello Delaware

Late buff here we are

Yet another blustery day

Still here? Why?

After the blow, another sunny day

Blown away, by a windy day.....

Overcast and muggy in PW

A Day in Port Washington

Port Washington for a few days

Plan a day at Port Jefferson

Another stop - Port Jefferson

A Decision Made

Wounded Warrior

At the next stop

Happy Birthday, Barb!

Same day different local

Movin' on

It's past noon.....

Second post for the day.....

REALLY rested now

OK. rested now.

First step

First step

Another message from the dock barnacle

Start off tomorrow

Starting up again

Another shorter road trip

Home Again

Visiting #1 Son

Visiting the Old Stomping Grounds

More to My Last

I'm Still heeeeeeere

Now that the regatta is over.......

Wow! What a weekend!

Getting geared up for the weekend

Three Cheers and Loud Huzzahs

Best Laid Plans.....

A Scorcher!

This weekend is Founder’s Days

Yes, old Padewan, we cannot rely on the weather

Starting to watch the forecast

Sunday 7th July - Cape Negro

Saturday 6th July - Cape Negro

Friday 5 July: Back at Cape Negro

Visit with #1 Son is Over


What can we do this week?

Weekend at Cape Negro

Planning the next weekend

McNutt’s Island Gunkhole......

I’m not sure if we will have internet........


Tropical Storm Andrea

Battening down the hatches

She never rains but she pours.....


Close but we made it......

The last week has been more than hectic....

There’s a conspiracy!

The best laid plans of mice and men.....

Wow! What a difference!


Bottom washed........

We’re off! Well, no, maybe we aren’t.....


The Die is Set.....

I am getting excited.......

Life continues.....

Employment woes........

Back at the keyboard......

OK. The stock market is back to normal ----- Boo!

Stock Market and Boating

One less thing to worry about

Two types of celestial events

More damn snow!

Shelburne Cruising Plans

Arrrrrrrgh! Shriek! Howl!

Even more goof-ball weather

&*%&^ Commercials!

C-c-c-cold Sn-sn-snap is h-h-here!

The s-word is back

Shiver me timbers! Now it’s cold again!

Holy Smokes, it’s really warm!

Ho Ho Ho. It’s O-O-O-ver! Hurrah!

New Year's Post

Season’s Greetings

I am feeling a little out of place....

I haven’t posted anything for a wee while.........


The other thing is over....time for a rant

It’s over! It’s over! Hurrah!


Brrrr! The frost was definitely on the pumpkin last night

Spinning into the fall

We are having our own all candidates’ debate


....and now, for something completely different.....

Some small changes to our plans

Too much to do....to little time to do it in....

An update...

Too long between posts......

Haven’t put fingers to keyboard......

Looking forward to some holidays.....

We made it to Saint John and back

We’ve switched .......

Final Big One Done

Can you spell frustrating?!

Hurrah! It’s raining!

Tall Ships on the Horizon

The Place is a Madhouse!

Empty Nesters Again

Whew! What a day!

We are not empty nesters for a while

Oh Wow! I wish I was back on the water!

Over the hump

Canada Day Weekend

Been a While

Now we are getting down to it

It has now been conclusively proven.......

Updating the adventure

Watching the Jubilee

Back to Work Monday

End of the week.......

Things are still bopping along

The Gods Wuz Angry Last Night

Moan! My achin’ back!

Back to the regular stuff

We’re boaties again! Hurrah!

Planning for the weekend

Back in Shelburne, We are, We are

Mid Week Hump

A Pot Party; Making a Bed; Planting Lillies

I can’t believe that it’s Friday! Again!

Mid Week


More questions......

Startin' details and askin' questions


Here at last! Here at last!

MoHo and Twisters

Dreaming again

The Peepers Are Back!

End of a great long weekend

OK. Things are starting to fall into place now.

Yippie, yahoo.........

Continuing on with the kitchen, et al...

Winter is still gasping on....

Well, it has started again.....


And another week bites the dust....

I have a severe case of paper elves.

Laird tunderin’ Geez-us, By. She’s warum!

Gettin' a tan......

Wow! What changes!

Last (Hopefully) Gasp of Winter

Back from the doctor

New week and mild weather

Art Class Yesterday, Carpentry Today

The Gods Wuz Angry Last Night

Things Happening in Town

She's out and about.....!

Second post for the day. This one's a rant. Brace yourselves.

She's doin' it!

She's back!

Home again, home again......

In like a lion....

The day after.....

Interesting, eh? Wot?!

Another weekend almost past

Friday, again.......

Our Ghosts

Cabinet Installation Day

Back at 'er

Busy Busy Busy! No time for the weary!

The dirt based kitchen update

Discussion of the state of the world

Happy Freezing Valentine's Day

Dirt Based Galley just about done.....

Dreaming about sailing again

Pause in plans

The new kitchen floor is on the way down

Trying to maintain my sanity

My wee addition for the day

Major Turney in the Kitchen with a Sledgehammer


More stuff happening with the restorations

Fun at work

Honour killing verdit

Insulation shminsulation

You come across sailors in some unexpected places

Kitchen briefly halted......

Kitchen floor progress

Free Marina at Great Bahama Island

Winter is begining to grind

Wow! What about that Captain of the Cruise Liner?

Upcoming surgery

Learning the hard way...

It was too good to last......

A Barb update

Back at work for yet another week

Oh the joys of working life


Ohhhhhhh....my poor head

Only one more dinner to go

Christmas Frivolity Continues

Nearly noon on Christmas Day.

Short Day Today.....

Another day at the new job

Addition to Barb’s post.

More ch-ch-ch-changes

Saturday. The last weekend of temporary retirement.

Parties and other stuff

Ho! Ho! Humbug!

Starting to getback in the swing of things

Home Notes

Home again! Hurrah!

Getting ready for the final leg home

Experiencing life in a big city

Visiting the ol' homestead

Stopped in Perth Ontario to visit a wool shop...

Visit with Chris and getting some projects done

Arrival in Kingston Ontario....

Underway aboard the land boat

Back at sea again

Nearing the end of November already! Holy Smokes

Zoom! Zoom! Another flying trip into Halifax

Starting to prepare for our Ottawa road trip

Another week downrange! (Sigh!)

Working at more stuff!

Hurrah! Stuff is Happening!

A Quick Post to Take a Break from Remodeling

Musings on the state of the world

Winter is definitely drawing in….

Merlin back home

Stuff happening

Pace increases

Yea! We have a working fireplace…..

Madly running off in all directions…..

Fall has definitely arrived…..

First really C O L D day!

Back to the Land


Rainy Saturday

Second post for today

Back Again

Sad News

This ought to be entertaining

Two inspections and a visit from a former resident

Well, that’s over and done with (I hope)….

Working the bugs out….

The deed has been done….

Wasn’t that special….?

Awaiting Irene


Getting’ on with stuff

Back on the dirt and takin’ it easy

Some big doin’s aboard

Back aboard Nelleke again…

Hurray! We have gotten the shaft!

Late Breaking News

An Update

Morning Road Trip

I want to believe.....

Empty Nesting Again

Second post for the day

Madly renovating and madly planning

Home again after the process

's been a while, eh?

First Marblehead boats are expected late tonight!

Whew! It's getting hectic

A map to photos

Busy couple of days

Loading Day

A sure sign of too much on my plate.....

One more doctor's appointment downrange

Getting ready for the move in

Back on line at laaaaaaast!

Got my act back together now

Journey's End

Really tired

We're off!

Still living the adventure, just a little drier



Another house update

A house update

Back with news

Making Plans


End of RNSYS Regatta and some decisions

Home indeed

We're home!!!!!

An update

Heading onwards

More by good luck...

Another beautiful day in Onset

Sunday is the day

Onset really means Noset

A day in Cuttyhunk

We're off! Well, partly

Crewperson Mike Arrives Today


A double g gorgeous day

A decision has been made

Maybe our last day in Newport

A Blustery Day

Mother's Day in Newport

Back in Newport

An early morning thumb to add to last night

An early start and down the Sound

Another windy day at Port Jeff

Late breaking news

Still in Port Jefferson

Fourth time in Port Jeff

Through the big apple like a worm

Thumbing in Great Kills

Back at Barnegat


And now for a few words from our sponsor...

A Windy Day in T storms at Chesapeake City

Chesapeake City

Yippie! Hurray! Cheers! Bravo! Etc


Down and Dirty and ready to Boogie

Yip! Yip! Yip! Yahooooooo….!

Good news and bad news….

Slowly we are getting there….

He's ba-a-a-ak

Tornado aftermath

Another beautiful day

And he's off...

Another deliciously warm day….

At last! Warm weather!

Oh dear. Naughty ol’ me!

More good news!

Can it be? It is! It’s done!

Progress! Progress! Praise be….progress!

A non-selfish day…..

A selfish day…..

Still in Deltaville - spendin' money...

Quelle surprise – it rained last night

Boat stuff on an overcast day

A technical day…..

Sunday, snow day…..

Another week down range…..

Changing Lanes last day at the marina

Ugly night and morning but progress on the engine

Engine final details

Boat work and booking a flight

A banking trip and progress on the engine


The presentation and more work on the job list

Friday again! Where did the week go?

Workin’ on tha’ boat... Working nahn to fav….

More boat projects without the tours...

Work, work, work. That’s all we ever do...

The engine non-install and a visit to Yorktown.

Saturday!…More laundry, plus…..

Egad! Friday. Again!…

From Barb - Transition Complete – well almost…

Yuck! Another wet one…


More stuff done.

A wild and woolly night.

A productive day

Sunday at the dock.

A day on the boat.

There and back again

Tuesday and work progresses on the engine!

The first of March. A new month!

Words from BT

Good-bye Paula Perkins. (Sniff!)

More adventures in Virginia

Saturday notes from Barb

Saturday and the sun shineth

Friday night and a date with my sweetie

Boxes, and crates, and bags, oh my!

Some momentous news

A few words from Barb

Poised to depart tomorrow for Deltaville

As far as Lexington

Still in Saint John. Ready to set off tomorrow

Stage 1: In Saint John. Visiting Kayt

The wakie has occurred. Hurrah! We are on our way…

All that’s left is the wakie: The Apartment is clean and empty except for us

N – 2 and a wakie: The move begins

N – 3 and a wakie: Actual Valentine’s Day

N – 4 and a wakie: Sunday and our Valentine’s Day celebration.

N – 5 and a wakie: Barb wants me to admit to something.

N – 6 and a wakie: Friday and the beginning of a weekend.

N – 7 and a wakie: Only a week and we’ll be looking at starting the Trek.

N – 8 and a wakie: End of the medicals but not of frustration.

N – 9 and a wakie: (Yawn) Another snow day.

N – 10 and a wakie: We seem to be healthy….so far.

N – 11 and a wakie: The apartment looks like a bomb hit it….

A productive and enjoyable few days

N – 13 and a wakie: Some unabashed brown-nosing

N – 14 and a wakie: Only two weeks and the Halifax Boat Show starts today

N – 15 and a wakie: Progress and a big question for our readers

N – 16 and a wakie: First day of the new month

A note from Barb

N – 17 and a wakie: A Medical Day

N – 18 and a wakie: Sunday.

N – 19 and a wakie: Saturday.

N – 20 and a wakie: Barb’s last day and more preparations.

N – 21 and a wakie: Last days at work.

N – 22 and a wakie: Yahooooooo!

N – 24: Prep Proceeding

N – 25: Barb’s Day Off and Mine to Work, a visit with Dinosaurs

N – 28: House Hunting and more proof of Global Warming

N – 29: Less than a month away

N – 31: Hurray!

N – 32: Golden Globes

N – 33: Health and Fitness Show

N - 34: Looking at houses......

N - 36: After the storm

N – 37: The shock of the daily news

N – 38: Musings

The S-word


A blast from the past


A new week. Less than a month and a half ‘till we get back to Nelleke

Getting ready.

Happy New Year from Barb

Happy New Year, Everyone.

No post yesterday. Sorry.

A visitation and some experimentation!

Some rotten news and some good stuff!

The day after the Day After!

Boxing Day, or perhaps more appropriately – The Day After!

Christmas Day!

Some last minute grog preps and – Kayt is arriving!

“Workin’ nah-n too fav….. Trey-in’ jes to stay al-av…!”

Three days and a wakie! And another visit to the lithotripsy room at the VG

Like we used to say in the Army – four days and a wakie!

Less than a week ‘till Christmas……Yea!

A short post and some recipes from Nelleke’s Galley

A visit to the urologist…

A little more than a week to Christmas…..

The day after!

Holy doodles, what a couple of days!

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

Work on projects and a loud howl about pension woes

Getting ready for Merry Ho Ho Day

One side benefit of the Holiday Season

News from some old friends.

Daily blurb.

Saturday and for once we both have it off!

Variety is sure spicy!

Drizzle Day!


Making preparations!

Back to work!

Sunday, lazy day!

Stuff going on!

The Battle Continues!

Slow Day!

A bit from Barb

Christmas Wreaths and Ecconomics!

Sad info!

A blurb from Barb

A Cold One and some kidney news!

The “lab” and another harrowing tale!

An evening out and a harrowing tale!

The challenges of getting sails!

Some thoughts!


Aw Nuts…….!

Feelin’ Christmasy…….

Ah the tedium…….

Saturday, Work Day!

Working on projects and reading other sailor’s blogs!

Poop, n’stoop, n’scoop!

An answer to Jay

Remembrance Day. Lest we forget.

My Mom’s Birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom!

Ramblings of a Bored Mind

A new week

A few words from Barb

Everyone’s leaving!

Still wet! I mean really wet!

It’s a wet one!

Now what?

Great minds think alike. Some just think


I can feel the W-word!

Booo! Bwaaahahahahahahha!

Blathering on......

What’s been going on…..

Details of the trip to Nelleke

BAck on the net

Good News, Bad News

A sailing “Fix”!

More about televised “debate”

Televised “debate”

The end of the beginning

More Cruisin’ Musings

The Morning After

Hurrah for socialized medicine

Crusin' Musings

Getting Caught Up

Back in the Dry Groove

Delays but settling in

A quick post in the midst of chaos

Making plans

Raincoats on? Raincoats off!?!

A changing weather day!

An overcast day but we get “stuff” done!

A Diagnosis

A quick post for the day

A day exploring and waiting for the pump

Stopped at Old Port Comfort Marina

An unplanned stop at Tidewater

We have arrived in Norfolk

It never rains, but it pours....

A good day. Not a long one, but a good day

A shorter but very eventful day.

A very long day.

Getting ready for the flush procedure

A short hop to Carolina Beach and Joey’s place

Good-bye South Carolina. Hello North!!

Back at the Osprey Marina!

Belle Isle Marina!

Finally! We get to meet Al and Jen!

Anchored at Price Creek!

We have been here before!

On our way again----AT LAST!

Monday, boat chores, laundry and waiting


Saturday at the dock

A visit from JD the mechanic and a dock roast

Good-bye GA, Hello SC!

Just outside of Savanah!

I recognize this spot!

The Gullahs/Geechee

En Route again

At anchor near St Simon’s Island

St Mary’s, one of the oldest inhabitations in the US

The end of Florida.

En route to Cumberland Island

Launch of Discovery.

Easter Sunday

A visit from a mermaid

Making a triage on the boat chores

April Fool’s Day. Happy Birthday baby brother!!

Morning wakeup call from the avian concierge!

What a change in climate!

On to T-ville!


Prepping for tomorrow’s departure

Still waitin’, this time for my pension cheque to arrive

Waiting....waitin’....wa -

New week

The front comes through

Sunny, Saturday

What a day ....

An eventful day ....

St Patrick’s Day

Boat chores at the Velcro.

We have returned to the Velcro.

False stop but in a familiar spot.

Steps north but not ending up where planned.

Another unplanned day at Lake Worth.

Full windy day at Lake Worth.

Back at the Lake again and linked up with Screech.

Moving north.

Back in Florida.

Left the Abacos after a very long day.

Another small step.

Just a quick note for the day although I probably won’t get to post it for a couple of days.

Less windy day but still too much to get moving

Last night’s storm delayed....

The winds are building. The storm is comin’.

Monday. New month. New place.

Sunday. Getting ready to say farewell to MOW.

Saturday and hunkering down for the gale.

Batteries now equalized and snorkelling happened.

Into the dock for a plug in and to equalize our batteries.

A day sail and a visit to Little Harbour.

Change lower unit lube on Suzuki and a visit to Garden Cay.

A day trip to Hopetown.

Wow! What a lazy day.

Banking day at Man-o-War.

Calm night. Windy morning. Beautiful day.

Beautiful day at Man-o-War

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

Strong winds at night, again!

Strong winds and rain...... good day for boat projects.

A windy but sunny and beautiful day in the Abacos

An even shorter trip on a perfect day

Short trip through the dreaded whale..

Cold front. Big winds.

Enough of the dock. Out to a mooring.

A brief tour of Green Turtle Cay

A two day sail jump

The weather is releasing us

Here we are on the one-th of Feb

This place is really neat. How can I immigrate?

First full day in the Islands!

Yeeeeeee-ha! We made it at last!

Prepping for the jump across the stream!

Another nice day in North Palm!

Busy day today!

Alongside and working on boat chores!

Geeze, what a night!

First full day at the anchorage

Down the ditch to Palm Beach

Yep. Still here. .

Underway again....

Back on the dock again....

A whole whack o' stuff happenin'

We don’t have the mooring to ourselves any more

A sunny day instead of the thunderstorms predicted

Not so chilly but a really nice day!?

A chilly night but a warmer day. Perhaps the cold has passed!?

Another brisk night and day. Hopefully the last

Extreme cruising.

More progress and now we are in South Florida.

A loooooooog 28 hours! But a pleasant one

OK. Today, we try it again. WE’RE OFF!

An early post ‘cause WE’RE OFF! Well. No. Maybe not!

Final boat jobs and getting Nelleke ready for sea!

Fernandina Beach, Florida

Bright sun but chilly!

Happy New Year, everyone!

New Year’s Eve!

A partially warm day!

More stuff in Fernandina!

Breaking out of the retirement lethargy!

Getting serious and getting started on the list!

Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Christmas Eve!

First full day in Florida!

Warm at last! Warm at last! Thenk Gawd Almighty, we’re warm at last!

A long day and we’re back in Charleston

Harborwalk Marina, Georgetown,SC

A long day but we made progress.

A weather window that wasn’t so we stay inside.

Past the dreaded Carolina Beach Inlet.

More progress.

Off again.

A lazy day waiting for the gale to blow over.

More boat jobs downrange plus a small movement south.

The weather just isn’t done with us yet.

Getting Stuff DOne

Boat jobs.

Saturday and killin’ time in the rain and at a BBQ.


An update to this morning’s post.

The aftermath of a really crappy night.

Sitting out the Gale.

The first day of the winter month....Brrrr.

Back in Oriental, Whittaker Creek to be precise.

Past the bridge and through the canal.

Underway again and running from the cold.

Waiting out the weather (sigh!)

US Thanksgiving

A quick trip and a new state

Progress, real progress....

Another jump and more plotting..

Atlantic Highlands and Barnegat Bay.

An electronic post-it.

Back on the Long Island Side of NYC.

Changed our minds again, or, the weather did for us.

First time at Block.

Another windy weekend.

Thursday. The wind begins.

Wednesday, Remembrance Day.

Monday, relief and more stuff on the boat.

Sunday and praying for good weather.

Saturday evening

Weekend almost alone on the dock.

Friday evening

Friday and some progress and a departure!

Barb's Turn

More news for the first day back!

No we're not. We’re Back!

We’re off!

Halloween, Skipper’s meeting, Social dinner

Friday. Final jobs. A nice day???

We are crewed up. Ron arrives.

Monday in Newport


Weekend in Newport

Work on the boat in Newport

Arrival in Newport, RI

Across the Gulf. Whew!

Decision day!

Sunday. Getting close to a decision!

Saturday. A nice day for a change, but only one!

A lazy rainy day in Shelburne Town!

Departure day....Hurrah!

Last full day and a wake-y.

1 day to go and a wake-y. Maybe......

3 days to go. Odd day yesterday

6 days to go (we hope).

7 days to go. We can take a sigh of relief....

10 days to go. We have the solar support!!

9 days to go and the weather is crappy! Again!

10 days to go and things are progressing...

Time rolls on and out, as it were...

New month and less than two weeks to go...

Nearing the end of the month and closer to departure date...

The rain is holding off...

Now this is just getting silly...

Sometime Sunday and another bright one...

Another crappy wet day...


No more doctors, I hope, so back to getting things done...

I spoke too soon about getting much done today...

Buncha shoppin’ and working on finishing the mizzen project...

Big day for the mizzen pulpit...

Windy, cloudy, sunny, all of the above...

A beautiful day and lots more done.

We’re making some progress...!


Visits to the doctors and prescriptions galore.....!

They say the mind is the second thing to go.....!

A one dog family again.....!

Barb’s back and we’re dog sitting.....!

My last day of being an almost bachelor.....!

Day three and four of being an almost bachelor.....!

Day one and two of being an almost bachelor.....!

An open response to Chip. .....!

Trying to make progress.....!

Bill’s day in town.....!

The eve of whatever.....!

Wee Willie is getting closer.....!

Another scorcher and preparing Nelleke’s bottom.....!

I'm baaa-aaaaak!

Nelleke is out on the hard!

Eclectic news!

Visits and some frustration!

A mini cruise to McNab’s fraught with adventure!

A couple of days of partying!

Back to work!

Sunday. Day off. Sociable!

Back to work in torential rain

A bit of news from the clinic.

Life back to normal.

Sloooowlllly getting’ there.

Still off sick and a visit to the clinic.

Calling in sick and spending the day in bed.

Some non-boating blog.....

Tuesday, the Marblehead boat arrives....

Friday and another day off......

Help or suggestions please for our fall trip

Happy Canada Day!!

Holy doodles, this weather is irritating!!

...and we’ve got our permanent dock!!

We’re In!!

Why is it always crappy when you are off work?!

Father's Day

Glad to be back at Nelleke to put our feets up!

A posting two days in a row! Oh my!

The long awaited spreadsheet!

Progress, in spite of myself

Work, a swim in the pool and a movie

The week is drawing to a close.....

Election Day in Nova Scotia. Big doin’s!

A day off! Not really .... boat work

Saturday. An early day from work

Friday again. Tempus fugit! and a trip to the dentist

Starting the month of June

Shuffling the deck chairs

A significant change


Drawing to the end of the week!

Working on the job list!

Sunday activities!

End of the week!

Friday in Halifax!

First post for the summer blog!

First post for the summer blog!

Victoria Day and the Cruise is over!

Home again!

High finance and desperate ciphering

A new wrinkle

Another day and some big decisions

Touring Shelburne and looking at properties

A day in Shelburne and some thoughts

Mother’s Day and back in Canada

Day 2 in the Gulf of Maine heading for Nova Scotia

Starting off for Nova Scotia

A quick login

A foggy day in old Glouster town

Final full day in Marblehead

A rainy windy day in Marblehead

After making easting we make a jump to the north

Hurray! Hurray! It’s the first of May.

On to Port Jefferson’s anchorage.

East River and City Island.

Touring a small part of the Big Apple.

Back in NYC.

Day 2 at sea.

Heading off again and 1st day at sea.


The parts are here and a trip to Little Creek.

Work day in Norfolk.

A windy day in Norfolk.

Back on the base.

A short, rainy day, and first stop in Virginia.

A HUGE day, and nearly to Virginia.

Making tracks Northward.

Back in Moorehead City.

Another day at New River.

An eventful day bumping along the ditch.

Carolina Beach.

Back into North Carolina.

A day in an American Treasure.

Exploring Georgetown.

A new piece of the ICW.

Back in Charleston.

A new anchorage for us.

Touring Beaufort.

Our favourite American City – Beaufort, SC.

Back in Beaufort.

‘Gators, ‘n cows, ‘n boars. Oh my!

We’re off! Past Cumberland Island and into the wilds of Georgia

More adventures on Cumberland Island!

We’re away and in Georgia!

Underway again, or not!

Getting set to get underway!

Getting ready for the blow.... again!

Getting ready for the blow!

Doin' "stuff" ashore

Big plans but a lazy day

Into the dock

Explore Fernandina and make some plans

New waterway wakes

Another day of pounding into the wind

A day to relax ashore and wait for better weather

A long, long, loooooong day .....

A little self indulgence .....

Weather bound and doing maintenance

On the way north under power

We do depart and make some progress

We depart. Well, maybe not.

At last! Progress!

Time marches on, and on, and on......

The windlass is physically installed (if not electrically)

New news on the epic story of the windlass?

Can they....will they.....is it?

Waiting for the windlass to arrive. Waiting. Still waiting.

Windy days waiting for the windlass to arrive.

Dive to clean the boat and Crabbing.

A day at Key West.

Another busy windy day in the Keys and a recce to Key West.

A windy day in the Keys.

Another lazy day on the anchor.

Another day on the anchor.

Out on the Reef.

Marine Flea Market.

Fat Deer Cay, Florida

Spending money.

Ordering the Windlass and checking out Fat Deer Cay.

Visiting at Snoozer’s place

Departure from Duane and Dianne’s and at anchor in Charlotte’s Harbour.

Planning our departure from Punta Gorda.

A short shopping trip plus high tide is getting higher.

Punta Gorda and visiting Duane and Dianne’s place.

Burnt Store and meeting Duane and Dianne.

Underway again.

Chris has departed for the wilds of Drumheller

Fuelling up and a negative recce trip

St Pete's Art Walk

A visit to the museum (MOSI)!

Art Day! Lazy Day!

Busch Gardens!

A day for Taunya... Shopping!....Eeeeewwwuh!

A Day for Periwinkle

First day with the second wave of visitors...

OK. Really. Tomorrow Chris and Taunya arrive.

Tomorrow Chris and Taunya arrive. Better clean up.

Inauguration Day. Two days and a wakie.

Taking up where I left off. Three days and a wakie.

A work-filled Saturday

Another cold night and boat jobs. Six days and a wakie.

Cold night, art class and boat jobs. Seven days and a wakie.

A Sunny Day Again. Eight days and counting.

Rainy day? Nine days and counting.

Working on the boat. Eleven days and counting.

Preparing for boat work.

We’re back to the two of us, again.

St Petersburg. Kayt’s last full day with us.

A bit of a disappointing day!

Universal Theatre Theme Park!

A trip to the aquarium and meeting some penguins!

A different sort of day!

A day of domestic drudgery!

Happy New Year!

De Soto Park and First Night (New Year’s Eve)!

Egmont Key!

Shopping – successful and unsuccessfull!

Son of a Beech, we went to a Beach!

Adventure day in Kayaks

Boxing Day!

Christmas Day!

Christmas Eve and Kayt’s travel!

Not lazy, but a slow day. Kinda chilly!

A Lazy Day

More work on the boat and, hopefully, a day of visitors

A day of Christmas shopping, relaxing and bow-wow-fication

Made it..... Yahoooo! Kayt – six sleeps and a wakie...

Nearly there,,,,

Halfway up the Gulf Coast to Tampa!

A day not quite according to plan!

The Gulf of Mexico! Or, almost

Under the bridge! Yahooooooo!

Barb's back, (and her sides and front, too!).

The day before Barb comes home.

Sunday at the Marina.

The day of the marina BBQ.

Another day of boat chores and a drive into town.

A toasty day of boat chores.

Boat chores.

Off to Indiantown.

Fort Myers and back again

First day in central Florida. The sweatshirts came off!

A day for travel

Space Centre Day

Another small step for Mike-kind.....

Down the ditch to a beach!

A great BIG jump!

Beauford, waiting and visiting!

Beaufort for a while to wait out the weather!

Halfway or more to Beaufort

Visiting the town!

At the end of 24 very long hours!

Some Progress!

Morehead City

We've moved on to Moorehead City

Were Off! Well, maybe not too much

One final day at Whittaker Creek

Remembrance Day


A Real Work day

Weekend Farmers Market and more work on Nelleke

Boat Work Day

First day at Oriental

A day at RE Mayo Docks

US Election Day

Looking for a place to hole up for a blow

Were Off! Again.

The day after Halloween

First full day in Elizabeth City

Done with the Canal and on with things

Into the canal!

Underway again!

Final Day in Norfolk

Waiting for a break in the weather

Crappy rainy night and a crappy rainy day

Getting ready for visitors

More work to do and hoping well dodge a rain storm

Another work day

Work day

Clearing skies

Back at the base

A day for travel to Richmond

Norfolk Naval Base

Norfolk Naval Base

Norfolk and a chance to rest and repair

Our first day in Virginia!

A day making new friends

Short Trip to South River

Repair and Laundry day at the Creek

Our day at the Boat Show ($18pp to get in)

First day in the Annapolis area

Another Great Day at Rock Hall

Stop Before Annapolis

Strange Anchorage

Cape May, Snoozer's home town

Next Spot

Past NYC

NYC blotting out the horizon

Quiet night in the outer reaches of Port Jefferson harbour

At anchorage at Port Jefferson

Port Jeff at last!

Halfway to Port Jeff


Another day in Groton

Groton, Connecticut

New London/Groton

Cape Cod Canal to Basset Island, Mass

Cuttyhunk, Mass

Interim Post from Gloucester

Gloucester Mass

Gloucester Mass

Sunshiny Day in Maine waters.

A little more to Barb's post

A Quick Note from the Public Library in Rockland

Rockland Harbor

Mary Lou and Jay's Place

The alternator wait...

09/11 from Southwest Harbor - alternator woes

First Day in the USA

The Decision is Made

Windy Sunday

Barb's 2 cents worth from Yarmouth

A Wet and Squishy Day in Yarmouth


To go, or not to go? That is the question.

First Post On the Trp

Barb's pre-departure post

This Time in 48 Hours....

Installing the Watermaker

Three Days and a Wakie

Tying Up More Loose Ends

Getting Commitments Checked Off

Gettin' Closer Still.....

It Has Been Done!

Shore Based Prep

Still More Prep and Repairs

Preparation Continues

The Future - Beyond the Departure

Still More Preparation and the Weekend that Wasn't

More Preparation

Preparation - Back to the Grind

RHSP 2008 Nelleke's Race

RHSP 2008 - Training

Winter Projects - Repair the Generator

Winter Projects - Mast Ladder

Winter Projects - New GPS

The Grand Retirement

Preparation - Work on the Boat

Change of Plans

On the Sea Again

RHSP 2008 - Training

Getting Closer....Closer....Closer....

RHSP 2008

Preparation - Work on the Boat


Preparation Below the Waterline

The Die is Cast

I Think I'm Jinxing It

Growing Impatience

Winter Projects - New Depth Sounder

Preparation - Planning Literature

Winter Projects - For the Brain

Winter Projects - Add Mizzen Staysail rigging

Winter Projects - Rewiring

Winter Projects - Solar Pannels


Winter Projects - Replace Cutlass Bearing

Winter Projects - Repair water damage to cabin walls

Winter Projects - Watermaker

Winter Projects - Office Desk

Winter Projects - Lifeline Netting

Winter Projects - AIS

Winter Projects - Holding Tank


The Boat

Les Isles de la Madeline

Summer 2005 Cruise