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15 August 2008
07 August 2008 | 27 41'N:114 54'W,
30 July 2008 | 19 20'N:105 14'W,
27 July 2008 | 11 49'N:100 50'W, 490 mi. west of Guatemala City.
24 July 2008 | 04 10'N:094 19'W,
22 July 2008 | Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
15 July 2008 | 3 35'S:88 16'W, SE Pacific...210 NM to go until Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador
11 July 2008 | 13 17.0'S:082 26.0'W, The SE Pacific...883 mi SSW from the Galapagos Islands.
09 July 2008 | 19 06'S:079 29'W, Somewhere in the SE Pacific, 1,270 mi from the Galapagos Islands.
05 July 2008 | 28 23'S:073 08'W, Somewhere in the SE Pacific.
03 July 2008 | 30 47'S:71 49'W, Travelling N on the Pacific - S30o47' W71o49'
01 July 2008 | 36 46'S:75 21'W, Travelling NW on the Pacific - S36o46' W75o21'
27 June 2008 | Valdivia, Chile
10 June 2008 | Valdivia and surroundings.
03 June 2008 | 39 51.0'S:73 19.0'W, Valdivia, Chile

We are just about ready to leave...

27 June 2008 | Valdivia, Chile
Espiritu Santi continues to move closer to being ready to sail.

All the work is finally almost done. What hasn't, can wait for San Diego.

Our weather window is looking very promising for Monday, and for sure Tuesday.

So if everything goes to plan, we should be in the Galapagos Islands (part of Ecuador) by July 11.

And a big welcome to Alan, Dale's husband and 3rd crew member who arrived a few days ago.

Over the month we have been here at Awoplast, the boat yard, we have made such good friends with almost all of Alex's staff, and it will be with mixed feelings when we leave.

Martin, his "soul mate", and his best friend invited Dale and I out with them for a hike to one of the highest peaks here in Valdivia. We then stopped for a few brews at the local pub, "Kuntzmans", followed by dinner on ES.

(see the "Photo Gallery" for the pics")

The following observations were sent by Dale...and all too true. But don't get me wrong. Valdivia is a wonderful and beautiful place to spend a month...especially in the 6 months from now.

"Meanwhile, I have learned some valuable things about Valdivia:

"Queso fuerte" strong aged cheese...the cheese in Chile is extremely bland.

Montesano Alan went to buy some real parmesana reggiano to bring to us.

Pasta...tomato sauce is impossible to find - even in the Italian restos.

Health food stores.....not!

Recycling...can't find it here.

Restaurants....most open at 8pm (I am thinking about what time to go to bed by then).

Edamame (soy beans).......doesn't exist here. like a fine powder and only one kind - no sea salt! Alan is bringing some, along with Parmigana, in his baggage, when it's found.

Pepper...never served at restaurants.

Toilet seats.......95 % of them are loose in Chile....?

"Ferreteria"...Hardware stores ... you cannot just pick things off the shelves, you go to a counter and tell them what you want, they get it and give you a slip, you go to another counter to pay, and then go to the pickup counter with your receipt and get the goods.

"Pharmacia" you go to the counter and tell the pharmacist what is wrong with you, and they give you what they think you should get. This goes for everything except shampoo and diapers.

Dogs do whatever they want, wherever they want and never on a leash.

So much knowledge, so little time...oh, and always carry toilet paper because 50% of toilets don't have it even if you succeed in staying on the toilet when the seat slips."

Well, If all goes according to plan, the next communication should be coming from ES high on the Pacific Ocean somewhere between here and the Galapagos.

You have no idea how we are longing for the sun and warm weather....
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