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15 August 2008
07 August 2008 | 27 41'N:114 54'W,
30 July 2008 | 19 20'N:105 14'W,
27 July 2008 | 11 49'N:100 50'W, 490 mi. west of Guatemala City.
24 July 2008 | 04 10'N:094 19'W,
22 July 2008 | Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
15 July 2008 | 3 35'S:88 16'W, SE Pacific...210 NM to go until Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador
11 July 2008 | 13 17.0'S:082 26.0'W, The SE Pacific...883 mi SSW from the Galapagos Islands.
09 July 2008 | 19 06'S:079 29'W, Somewhere in the SE Pacific, 1,270 mi from the Galapagos Islands.
05 July 2008 | 28 23'S:073 08'W, Somewhere in the SE Pacific.
03 July 2008 | 30 47'S:71 49'W, Travelling N on the Pacific - S30o47' W71o49'
01 July 2008 | 36 46'S:75 21'W, Travelling NW on the Pacific - S36o46' W75o21'
27 June 2008 | Valdivia, Chile
10 June 2008 | Valdivia and surroundings.
03 June 2008 | 39 51.0'S:73 19.0'W, Valdivia, Chile

Finally on the "road" ! !

01 July 2008 | 36 46'S:75 21'W, Travelling NW on the Pacific - S36o46' W75o21'
WOW ! The weather gods have truly been with us...after 4 days of fog and rain, Monday dawned with clear skies and fair winds. The only moisture anywhere was in our eyes - Dale and I, and the gang at Alwoplast.

For Dale and I, it was both the joy of finally leaving after literally 6 months of planning, as well as having to say goodbye to all our friends at Alwoplast with whom we worked so closely with since our arrival May 1. And for the Alwoplast gang, it was a combination of saying goodby to us as well as their baby, ES. ES was the first Chris White "Atlantic 57" they built, and as such there was a huge learning curve - almost a year ! The whole staff of almost 60 literally put their hearts into the building of ES. As Alex, the owner of Alwoplast put it, it was the same feeling as seen ones children leave home for good. Now with 5 more A 57's on the books, Alex expects them to be banging them out at the rate of 3-4 a year!

It's now been 24 hours since we left Valdivia and Alwoplast and the Chilean coastline has long since disappeared from off our starboard stern, and as Dale JUST commented, "what a day !" Fair winds (10kts on the stern), blue skies, and its actually warm enough to be walking on decks with only a T-shirt - for the first time since arriving in Valdivia May 1.

We are quickly settling into a routine that will stay with us until we reach the Galapagos(60 miles south of the equator) around July 10. Dale's in great form producing one gourmet meal after another, and hubby Alan is figuring things out, and we are all learning the optimal sail plans for different winds, and which line controls what part of which sail.

ES's sail plan includes a main (with 3 reef points), genoa, self tacking staysail, storm sail, and spinnaker, and as you can see in the picture, these require plenty of control lines.

BTW the way, in our first 24 hours, we covered 204 nm. under a combination of power and sail. All you your hearts out.

So, that's it for now, folks.....Oh's July 1 already...
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