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15 August 2008
07 August 2008 | 27 41'N:114 54'W,
30 July 2008 | 19 20'N:105 14'W,
27 July 2008 | 11 49'N:100 50'W, 490 mi. west of Guatemala City.
24 July 2008 | 04 10'N:094 19'W,
22 July 2008 | Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
15 July 2008 | 3 35'S:88 16'W, SE Pacific...210 NM to go until Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador
11 July 2008 | 13 17.0'S:082 26.0'W, The SE Pacific...883 mi SSW from the Galapagos Islands.
09 July 2008 | 19 06'S:079 29'W, Somewhere in the SE Pacific, 1,270 mi from the Galapagos Islands.
05 July 2008 | 28 23'S:073 08'W, Somewhere in the SE Pacific.
03 July 2008 | 30 47'S:71 49'W, Travelling N on the Pacific - S30o47' W71o49'
01 July 2008 | 36 46'S:75 21'W, Travelling NW on the Pacific - S36o46' W75o21'
27 June 2008 | Valdivia, Chile
10 June 2008 | Valdivia and surroundings.
03 June 2008 | 39 51.0'S:73 19.0'W, Valdivia, Chile

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Banderas Bay, Mexico.

02 August 2008
After arriving at Bahi Navidad to a fabulous hotel resort and marina, (Grand Bay Hotel, Isla Navidad Resort), we quickly realized that the cruising guide books were wrong and there were no services there. So early the next morning we powered our way to La Cruz.

Finally arrived in a spanking new marina, "Marina Riviera Nayarit" (". We arrived here late Thursday nite.

Fortunately Dale had good dear friends John and Robin Bousha, on Avocet who have been at this marina for 2 months now. They were kind enough to arrange for a rigger (Mike Danielson...fantastic guy, who attended to our rigging problems) and a mechanic (John, who "popped" in today, 3 hours late, and seems to be spending more time on his cell than in the engine room....but woe to him because Dale is now on his case). We just hope he's done so we can leave tomorrow, Sunday morning.

So the rigging is now all ship's just the engine....and John...

La Cruz is just starting to be the next big spot on Banderas Bay....Puerto Vallarta, is the only other.....for now.

So our plan is now to sail up to Turtle Bay, Baja, Mexico, (approx 3 to 4 days) where we will pick up Santi, the owner, who will sail the rest of the way up to San Diego with us (approx. 2 more days). Santi graciously offered Joanne and I a berth on ES for a few days after we arrive so we can do the tourist thing around SD.

Last night Santi treated us to a fantastic dinner at a fantastic resto in La Cruz, "Frascati's" where we had a great dinner.

The days here are typically hot 35 - 37oC, and very humid, with the nights dropping only to the high 20's to low 30's.

Besides cleaning ES, Joanne and I are in the process of packing up our stuff and relocating to the starboard hull where we will spend the rest of the delivery. This will give Santi his privacy in the port hull.

Hopefully the next 6 days will go smoothly and we will all arrive safely and happy in SD.
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