Never Can Tell

Vessel Name: Never Can Tell
Vessel Make/Model: Southerly
Crew: Paul and Justin
About: Both recently retired
Extra: We over half way round the uk now!
03 September 2018 | The Beaulieu River
02 September 2018 | Swanage
01 September 2018 | Dartmouth
31 August 2018 | Salcombe
30 August 2018 | Salcombe
29 August 2018 | The Yelm River
28 August 2018 | Fowey
27 August 2018 | Falmouth
26 August 2018 | Percuil
25 August 2018 | Portscatho
24 August 2018 | The Carrick Roads
23 August 2018 | Falmouth
23 August 2018 | Penzance
23 August 2018 | Lizard Point
22 August 2018 | Penzance
22 August 2018
21 August 2018 | Padstow
20 August 2018 | Still Padstow
20 August 2018 | Padstow
19 August 2018 | Padstow
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03 September 2018 | The Beaulieu River

Last Post!

Our last day! Woke early to another beautiful sunrise over a mirror-like sea, but didn’t leave till around 10:00 in order to get the tide right past the needles , arriving home to the Beaulieu around 2:30pm ..... it was maybe our hottest day at sea of the entire trip, barely a breath of wind, blue [...]

02 September 2018 | Swanage

Penultimate Dawn

Quietly slipped our moorings at soon after 5:00am, still dark, mirror-like water and not a breath. Just after the most beautiful sunrise (see picture), Paul, feeling a little dozey due to our early start, was startled awake by a little porpoise jumping fully out of the water right next to the boat, [...]

01 September 2018 | Dartmouth

Fireworks in Dartmouth

Sailing in tandem with Truant, we set off for Dartmouth around 9:00am ( see photo of Truant leaving Salcombe river). Shortly after that photo was taken, I nearly ran over 3 fisherman in a small dinghy. I just didn’t see them and it was scary reminder of how easily accidents can happen when not concentrating [...]

31 August 2018 | Salcombe

Goodbye Browns, Hello Truant

The Browns left us around midday, claiming to have enjoyed their foray into the nautical world, despite the constant (but typical) abuse coming from Pauls direction and the fact that Milla called Angus “Justin” the entire time. The more I tried not to, the more it just happened.

30 August 2018 | Salcombe

At anchor in Sunny Salcombe

Yesterday’s wind had sadly left us, so we had a quiet motor sail round to Salcombe, accompanied by the odd lazy dolphin here and there. As always, Salcombe was a hive of nautical activity. We anchored just opposite the town, on the East side of the river and sat and had lunch, just watching it all [...]

29 August 2018 | The Yelm River

A Lively Sail with an expert helmsman

After a leisurely breakfast, we set sail for the Yelm River. It was a strong force 4 to 5, gusting 6 occasionally, with a relatively flat sea and the wind on our aft quarter. We zoomed along and got there so fast that Angus felt he had not had enough excitement for the day, so we turned around and sailed back in the opposite direction for a bit so that they could experience the difference between sailing with the wind on your nose and the wind behind you. A lovely sunny evening in the scenic beauty of the river Yelm.

Storm Hector

14 June 2018 | Plockton
We survived the night! Even managed to get a little sleep despite the howling wind, noise of Sea rushing past, creaking ropes, rain battering on the cabin roof, and generally swinging to and fro as we oscillate around the buoy! Happily, still a pretty flat sea thanks to the perfect shelter of this bay. Too windy and too wet to venture ashore today in the dinghy, so a quiet day on board alternating between catching up on jobs and being generally lazy (mostly being lazy if I’m honest).
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