Neverland Journey

26 July 2022 | Tippity Wichity Island
02 May 2021 | 20 57.4'N:73 40.7'W, Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas
22 April 2021 | 20 57.4'N:73 40.7'W, Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas
17 April 2021 | 20 57.4'N:73 40.7'W, Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas
16 April 2021 | 18 51.4'N:74 34.2'W, Windward Passage
14 April 2021 | 14 30'N:71 40'W, Caribbean Sea
22 December 2019 | 12 30.5'N:70 01.8'W, Oranjestad, Aruba
21 December 2019 | 12 25.5'N:68 43.1'W, north of Curacao
21 December 2019 | 12 47.8'N:67 36.2'W, at sea
20 December 2019 | 13 18.87'N:66 26.99'W, at sea
20 December 2019 | 13 36.2'N:65 20.6'W, at sea
19 December 2019 | 13 38.9'N:64 23.7'W, at sea
19 December 2019 | 14 01.9'N:63 01.2'W, at sea
18 December 2019 | 14 23.3'N:61 41.6'W, at sea
17 December 2019 | 14 30.2'N:61 05.3'W, Martinique
16 December 2019 | 14 26.5'N:60 53.1'W, St Anne, Martinique
12 December 2019 | 14 04.85'N:60 57.8'W, Rodney Bay, St Lucia
05 December 2019 | 14 10.9'N:56 24.4'W, 250 miles to go
29 November 2019 | 14 25.2'N:42 59.6'W, middle of ocean
28 November 2019 | 14 29.4'N:40.14.3 06.01'W, middle of ocean

A little about Rethymno

26 August 2017 | Rethymno
8/24-26/17 A little about Rethymno

We arrived at Rethymno after pulling out of the harbor of Iraklion at 0715. We rounded the breakwater and returned to the harbor to set the sails. We set one reefing point on the main and the jib at ¾. We spent five hours into the wind changing tack every half hour to clear the point and head to Bali beach. The waves were anywhere from 4 to 8 feet white caps. The wind was at 20 knots at NNW. We had trouble with distance made good but, we were having a great sail. Neverland is proving her strength in weather.
We made it to Bali beach on the recommendation of the Coast Guard ladies in Iraklion. But, there was no room at the dock and there was too much swell to anchor. We continued on for another three hours to Rethymno. But, this time the wind had died to less than 10 knots and we were motoring sideways to the waves. We kept the main up for balance. We arrived at Rethymno Pier A which is the guest dock. There are no marina folks to assist. It is a back in, drop anchor off the bow dock, no mooring lines place. We are at our first place in Crete that has both electric and water hook up. The marina charge is 5 euros per day for electric and 2 euros per day for water. We washed the boat down real good from all the salt build up from the waves across the bow.
Friday we went first to the Marina to fill out their paperwork and pay for the slip. Then we did our usual round with the Coast Guard Port Authority and turned in our Transit Log, with boat documentation, insurance, crew list and passports. There is no computer data base for any of this information, so every port we repeat the same scene. We have a good conversation with the officers and it turns into a great experience instead of a hassle.
We shopped, went to the butcher, took a little tourist train ride to show us the town, and went to dinner. The tavernas along the Venetian port are remarkable. These have the finest seafood menus. There are many others along the main road in town as well. This is a great town-not too big-with a convivial atmosphere. Also, there is 12 kilometers of sandy beach just to the east of the harbor.
Today is Saturday and we just had fuel delivered to the boat. We will spend a few hours sightseeing and come back and prepare to leave at 6 pm. The trip to Kithera is about 18-20 hours and the winds are going to be challenging based on the grib files. We did run a line for the third reefing slot on the main.
We plan to be in Kalamata on Monday. Be back on dry storage on Wednesday and head back to the US on Thursday.
Vessel Name: Neverland
Vessel Make/Model: Allied Princess 36 1976
Hailing Port: Onancock VA USA
Crew: Mike Gould-Captain
About: Mike has been sailing since 1986. He has made trips from Virginia to Maine and back. Several trips in the Mediterranean. He has sailed other vessels in the open sea. In 2019 sailed 5000+ nm from the Med across the Atlantic to Aruba. We sailed from Aruba to the Chesapeake Bay Spring 2021
Monica has sailed alongside Mike during all these years. She has loved sailing and enjoyed every minute out on the open seas with Mike. She looks forward to more adventures as a sailing couple. In 2019 sailed 5000+ nm from the Med across the Atlantic to Aruba. We sailed from Aruba to the [...]
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