Neverland Journey

02 May 2021 | 20 57.4'N:73 40.7'W, Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas
22 April 2021 | 20 57.4'N:73 40.7'W, Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas
17 April 2021 | 20 57.4'N:73 40.7'W, Matthew Town, Great Inagua, Bahamas
16 April 2021 | 18 51.4'N:74 34.2'W, Windward Passage
14 April 2021 | 14 30'N:71 40'W, Caribbean Sea
22 December 2019 | 12 30.5'N:70 01.8'W, Oranjestad, Aruba
21 December 2019 | 12 25.5'N:68 43.1'W, north of Curacao
21 December 2019 | 12 47.8'N:67 36.2'W, at sea
20 December 2019 | 13 18.87'N:66 26.99'W, at sea
20 December 2019 | 13 36.2'N:65 20.6'W, at sea
19 December 2019 | 13 38.9'N:64 23.7'W, at sea
19 December 2019 | 14 01.9'N:63 01.2'W, at sea
18 December 2019 | 14 23.3'N:61 41.6'W, at sea
17 December 2019 | 14 30.2'N:61 05.3'W, Martinique
16 December 2019 | 14 26.5'N:60 53.1'W, St Anne, Martinique
12 December 2019 | 14 04.85'N:60 57.8'W, Rodney Bay, St Lucia
05 December 2019 | 14 10.9'N:56 24.4'W, 250 miles to go
29 November 2019 | 14 25.2'N:42 59.6'W, middle of ocean
28 November 2019 | 14 29.4'N:40.14.3 06.01'W, middle of ocean
25 November 2019 | 15 35.65'N:33 06.01'W, middle of ocean

Leaving Sicily

14 August 2018 | Sicily
We spent 4 days along the north coast of Sicily since transiting the Straits of Messina. There wasn’t much sailing time because the winds were almost non-existent. We had an enjoyable time covering the 140 Nm from east to west. Stops were at Capo d’Orlando, Porticello, San Vito Lo Capo.

We went to the tourist town in San Vito for dinner and had another introduction to Italian culture. San Vito is a major tourist beach town so the streets were filled with people with a party atmosphere. At one point we stopped to watch people in the street dancing to the tunes of traditional dance music being delivered by a DJ. It seemed like everyone knew the steps for all the group dances and there were also many couples shuffling around the pavement.

The 2 marinas we visited were total contrast to each other. Capo d’Orlando opened last year and is very organized and clean with plenty of help to tie up. Fortunately, we arrived early at San Vito Lo Capo before the chaos began. We stayed at one of the 3 marinas in the small harbor that had floating docks. They succeeded in packing in 18 boats in the space of 1-1/2 hour.

Neverland is currently anchored in a large bay surrounded by mountains including the 913 meter high Mount Speziale. We plan to leave this morning heading for the Balearic Islands of Spain. Winds are forecast to be light and mostly on the nose so we will be making some long tacks as we go.
Vessel Name: Neverland
Vessel Make/Model: Allied Princess 36 1976
Hailing Port: Onancock VA USA
Crew: Mike Gould-Captain
About: Mike has been sailing since 1986. He has made trips from Virginia to Maine and back. Several trips in the Mediterranean. He has sailed other vessels in the open sea. In 2019 sailed 5000+ nm from the Med across the Atlantic to Aruba.
Extra: Monica has sailed alongside Mike during all these years. She has loved sailing and enjoyed every minute out on the open seas with Mike. She looks forward to more adventures as a sailing couple. In 2019 sailed 5000+ nm from the Med across the Atlantic to Aruba.
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