Neverland Journey

22 December 2019 | 12 30.5'N:70 01.8'W, Oranjestad, Aruba
21 December 2019 | 12 25.5'N:68 43.1'W, north of Curacao
21 December 2019 | 12 47.8'N:67 36.2'W, at sea
20 December 2019 | 13 18.87'N:66 26.99'W, at sea
20 December 2019 | 13 36.2'N:65 20.6'W, at sea
19 December 2019 | 13 38.9'N:64 23.7'W, at sea
19 December 2019 | 14 01.9'N:63 01.2'W, at sea
18 December 2019 | 14 23.3'N:61 41.6'W, at sea
17 December 2019 | 14 30.2'N:61 05.3'W, Martinique
16 December 2019 | 14 26.5'N:60 53.1'W, St Anne, Martinique
12 December 2019 | 14 04.85'N:60 57.8'W, Rodney Bay, St Lucia
05 December 2019 | 14 10.9'N:56 24.4'W, 250 miles to go
29 November 2019 | 14 25.2'N:42 59.6'W, middle of ocean
28 November 2019 | 14 29.4'N:40.14.3 06.01'W, middle of ocean
25 November 2019 | 15 35.65'N:33 06.01'W, middle of ocean
21 November 2019 | 16 53.4'N:24 595'W, Mindelo, Cape Verde
21 November 2019 | 16 54.5'N:25 00.4'W, Mindelo, Cape Verde
15 November 2019 | 19 26.3'N:23 04.3'W, Somewhere between Grand Canary and Cape Verde
14 November 2019 | 21 22.7'N:22 10.6'W, Somewhere between Grand Canary and Cape Verde
13 November 2019 | 23 16.8'N:20 00.5'W, Somewhere between Grand Canary and Cape Verde

Agadir to Arrecife

27 October 2019 | 28 57.7'N:13 32.4'W, Arrecife, Lanzarote Canary
We topped up our fuel tanks at Agadir and pulled away from the fuel dock at 14:40 on Wednesday 23 Oct. As we headed out to sea again we were motoring due to the light winds. The wind built quickly so that by 16:55 we were hitting 6.7 knots under sail. Through the night we were sailing 6.5 to 7.5 knots with a double reefed main and half jib. The wind started subsiding by 05:00 on Thursday and by 13:50 we were down to 3.5 knots. I started the engine at 15:00 to charge the batteries and we continued to Arrecife, Lanzarote Canary under engine alone. The sunset Thursday evening was beautifully colored probably because of the desert dust in the air. Because we were so far ahead of schedule and the wind completely died, we slowed down so we could arrive after sunrise on Friday. We were tied up in the marina by 08:20 on Friday.

I took a few star sights with the sextant Thursday evening and the results were better than what I had done in the past. I still have difficulty finding the stars for the first sight of a series. After the first sighting it reappears in the sextant pretty regular.

So for this leg of 228NM we were 41h40m from fuel dock to tied up in slip for 5.47 knot average speed. The first 24 hours we covered 145NM.
Vessel Name: Neverland
Vessel Make/Model: Allied Princess 36 1976
Hailing Port: Onancock VA USA
Crew: Mike Gould-Captain
About: Mike has been sailing since 1986. He has made trips from Virginia to Maine and back. Several trips in the Mediterranean. He has sailed other vessels in the open sea. In 2019 sailed 5000+ nm from the Med across the Atlantic to Aruba.
Extra: Monica has sailed alongside Mike during all these years. She has loved sailing and enjoyed every minute out on the open seas with Mike. She looks forward to more adventures as a sailing couple. In 2019 sailed 5000+ nm from the Med across the Atlantic to Aruba.
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