Neverland Journey

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Change of Plans

Well, we did it again. We arrived at our way point near the north end of Bonaire and had another discussion. If we go to Curacao we faced an overnight tonight to arrive during daylight tomorrow. We would clear through customs and immigration for a three day stay. We would then need to clear out of Curacao and leave Christmas day for an overnight passage to Aruba. Our appointment for hauling the boat is 07:30 on the 27. We would also need to go through the formalities in Aruba.

So we started a discussion about skipping Curacao and sail directly to Aruba, 95NM. We would make one overnight passage and not have to meet with the Curacao officials. We had both been thinking about this and I�'m glad we talked. We think it will give us more time to relax before starting the layup of the boat.

So our new plan is to arrive in Aruba tomorrow, Sunday, morning. Clear customs and immigration. Anchor in the anchorage near Oranjestad thru Christmas. Have the boat hauled as scheduled. This gives us more than a week to visit the island, shop and relax before coming home.