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Voyage 2021 Day 4

After about 50 hours of motoring we made it to Matthew Town at about 2:30. The total passage was 632 nm during 4 days 6 hours. We tied up and started thru the customs and immigration process. After the process was completed we were able to take the yellow quarantine flag down and replace it with the Bahamian flag. I also bought a SIM card so we can be in touch with the rest of the world. I understand Bahamas has installed antennae wherever there is a settlement and people congregate. We will see how it works.

Our Inmarsat satellite phone is useful for voice calls but hasn´┐Ż't worked for email and data usage since Thursday. I suppose I will be calling the provider on Monday using the Bahamian cell phone to find out what is going on. I have had this problem before and thought it was the fans we use causing interference so I have been turning them off. They also affect the SSB reception with a lot of noise.

We hope to get a tour of the island, Great Inagua, tomorrow. The Morton Salt Co has a huge evaporation pond here from which many tons of sea salt are shipped out each year. The island is also a giant rookery for flamingos.

We hope to spend some nights anchored at a couple deserted islands in the Jumentos Cays on our way to the Exuma chain. Spend some time swimming fishing and plain relaxing.