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Trouble in Paradise

If you notice from our tracker we are still in Matthew Town. We took a tour of the island on Monday and when we came back, started the engine to charge up the batteries. The voltage jumped to 17+ and we started to smell something like wire insulation. After things calmed down I discovered we were not getting any charge from the alternator to the batteries. This is bad with all the electronics aboard including the electronic fuel injection system on the engine.

Tuesday we started searching for a replacement alternator and none was to be found in the Bahamas. I did find a dealer in Freeport willing to search for us. He finally came back today with one is available in Clearwater but it would be prohibitively expensive for them to purchase it for us. The alternator would need to be shipped to Freeport then shipped to Inagua. It might arrive next month at great expense. Ray advised me to purchase it myself and have it shipped directly.

I called the distributor in Clearwater and arranged the purchase. FedEx ships to their facility in Nassau. They walk it through customs and get it to a Bahamas Air flight to Inagua. Flights to here are Mondays and Fridays and I am not very optimistic about it making the Monday flight next week.

Its looking more and more that Inagua may be the only island we see this trip. As you can see we are safe in the harbor and the price is only $10 per night. We are taking the dinghy out to swim and may fish a little tomorrow. The tour guide has been stopping by every day to check on us. People have been great.