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Still Waiting

Fortunately the people here have been real open and welcoming. We have been in this port for 2 weeks as of yesterday. FedEx reported problems with their plane out of Miami and it caused a 2 day delay for our alternator plus rerouting. Their tracking shows it in Freeport since Friday afternoon.

We have been able to address some issues we have had with the boat. I was able to find and fix an elusive leak in the dingy that has haunted us since before we came from Europe. It�'s nice to wake in the morning and see the dinghy still full of air. I installed a stereo that we brought with us for this trip. It plays AM, FM, USB, SD cards, Bluetooth and maybe some other things. The old stereo was stolen while in Greece a few years ago and it is nice to have music again. I resealed a leaky window. I�'ve done other small projects but am down to polishing stainless which is one of my least favorite things to do.

It is interesting how time is counted in islands like Inagua. This remote island has Bahamas Air flights on Mondays and Fridays from Nassau. They have been counting the cruising boats every day and this year seems to be a good one. This island depends significantly on Morton Salt Co for their income. Approximately 70% of the work force is employed at the salt solar drying installation. The drying ponds are visible on our tracker satellite map just north of our position. Residents depend on the salt transport ship to bring supplies and things like cars to the island from Cape Canaveral. The mail boat comes about every 8 days from Nassau. This is a major event in the lives of the 900 residents. People order things from Nassau, the US including Amazon and other locations for delivery. The small grocery and convenience stores get to restock their shelves. People receive fresh vegetables, mattresses, refrigerators, air conditioners, and many other products.

Friday, one of the fishermen stopped by the boat and threw a beautiful red snapper on the deck. I fileted it and cooked both filets on the grill. We had fish for dinner twice and a fish sandwich for lunch.

FedEx tracking is currently showing our alternator in Freeport with delivery tomorrow. We�'re still not sure why they sent it to Freeport instead of Nassau. We shall see if it gets here.