Neverland Journey

Adventures since 2011

Neverland Sailboat Adventure reboot

Still Waiting

Trouble in Paradise

Voyage 2021 Day 4

Voyage 2021 Day 3

Voyage 2021

Arrival in Aruba

Change of Plans

Martinique to Curacao

Anchors and Boats

Passage Martinique to Curacao

Passage Martinique to Curacao

Passage Martinique to Curacao

Passage Martinique to Curacao

Grand Anse d'Arlets

Yachts as far as the eye can see

Transition Time

Cape Verde to St Lucia (part 4)

Thanksgiving at Sea - Cape Verde to St Lucia (part 3)

Creatures from the Deep �- Cape Verde to St Lucia (part 2)

Cape Verde to St Lucia (part 1)

5 days in Mindelo

Arrival at Mindelo

Canaries to Cape Verde (continued)

Canaries to Cape Verde (continued)

Route to Cape Verde

Rally Start

Rally Starting

Down Time

Agadir to Arrecife

Visit in Morocco


Dolphins Sighted

Atlantic Sailing

Out From The Med

Malaga to Gibraltar

Cartagena to Malaga

Alicante to Cartagena

Return to Alicante

Boat in the water

Preparations for ARC

Preparations for ARC

Arrival at Alicante

Time for Visitors

Sardinia to Balearic Islands (day 1)

Light Show

Leaving Sicily

Straits of Messina

Sicily Arrival

Departure from Greece

breaking in the engine

Cruise plans 2018

A little about Rethymno

Knosses-Coast Guard-Sacred Moment

Iraklion-Heraklion; A Big City and Port

Reaching the North Coast

Sunday Reflection

Go with What You’ve Got

Sometimes Onions Go Bad

Another Day on the Aegean Sea

Hunkered Down in Harbor

A Gusty Experience

Anchored at Palaikhora

Using our Sea Legs!

Sights along the way

On Our Way

In Port-finishing projects


Dry Storage

50 miles today

Murphy's Law-Or Always be Prepared.

Osmos Sarakiniko

Water Run to Yithion

Fisherman's Cove in Ormos Skoutari

Port Kayio



On an adventure

Olympia and More

Excursis 1: Old Glory

Sunday Drive

real Americans


Lefkas Town

Swing bridge to Lefkas


anchoring out.

July 9th Thursday

July 8th Wednesday

July 7th Tuesday

July 6th Monday

July 5th Sunday

Ready to launch

Getting Ready Again

Sail to Korĉula Island

Sail to Vis Island

Motor/sail to Hvar

Sail to Salta Island

KRKA National Park

Sail to SALI

Sailing Adain

Cruising Permit Granted

Back in Croatia

Visit to Zagreb

Back on the Hard

Last day out










Sunset in Croatia

Arrival in Croatia

Engine Trouble or Murphy's Law

One Day Out

Arrived in Malta

Arrived in Malta

Packing Supplies

Packing, Charts, Food and more...

Decision, decisions

Boat in storage

Arrived ar Malta

Mazara to Sciacca

Mazara del Vallo 8-31-11

Mazara del Vallo



Arrived at Siciliy

Heading to Siciliy

Heading to Siciliy

Heading to Siciliy

Heading to Siciliy

Leaving the dock

testing 1 2 3

still in harbor

life raft

new battery

A picture for you


satellite phone


past pictures of the boat

more prep stuff

Provision Planning

Our trip plan

Getting Started