New Beginnings For Us

24 January 2014 | San Diego
17 January 2014 | Freeland, WA

Saying Hello to Our Future

24 January 2014 | San Diego
We finally arrived in San Diego. It has been a LONG road! We purchased our boat in Portland, OR and had it transported to San Diego. The first thing I would recommend to someone is to try to find a boat in the general vicinity of where you intend to moor it. Not only is it very expensive to have it transported, but the wait time is excruciating. Our house was closing and we needed to be out, yet we did not have a boat to move onto at our marina. It took several phone calls to our yacht broker and a couple mild threats, but they did end up getting it delivered on time.
Here's another tip... When packing up your belongings to move onto your boat, keep the bedding handy! As we pulled into San Diego at about 8pm, we realized all our bedding was packed in a box somewhere in the back of a 5x10 trailer that was stuffed floor to ceiling.... Next stop... Wal-Mart! Ok, so I guess it could be worse than starting out with all new bedding on our new boat.
Being that we are both newbies to the motor-yacht world, we had called a local captain to come over and walk us through our new boat. This was the best thing we could have ever done and well worth the small amount of money he charged for the hour he spent with us. Not only did he show us the basics, like turning on the lights, etc... but he showed us the very important things like how to use the head and some of the basis electronics.
This is definitely going to be a learning experience. It's such a good thing that we both can find the humor in most things.

Saying Goodbye to our Past

17 January 2014 | Freeland, WA
We have sold our home in Freeland, WA and are moving to San Diego. We have picked out our new boat and marina and packed up what we think we will need. Moving from a 2000+ sq ft home into a 40' boat and deciding what will fit and what is a "must have" has been tedious and caused a few disagreements. We keep telling ourselves this is the hard part and I believe it. It is strange but I thought that I would have more problems getting rid of belongings then John, however, it has been easier for me. I guess it is like cleaning out my past and really starting our future together. We are both looking forward to getting to San Diego!
Vessel Name: Wave Dancer
Vessel Make/Model: Tollycraft 40' Tricabin MY
Hailing Port: San Diego, CA
Crew: John, Carrie, Boo Boo (The hound dog)
About: First Time liveaboards. Living and working together on our 1979 Tollycraft. Took a leap of faith and sold the house, moved from Seattle to San Diego and are making it work to live out our dreams together.
Extra: Headed into open waters (so to speak) with open minds and hearts.


Who: John, Carrie, Boo Boo (The hound dog)
Port: San Diego, CA