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29 December 2014 | Texas

6 days until we close!

29 December 2014 | Texas
Welcome to our blog! Since this is my first post, I want to share a little background information. My husband and I decided to buy a sailboat, move onto it, and sail to the Caribbean for year. A dream come true, right? I mean I would get to snorkel in crystal clear water to my heart's content and explore islands with white sand beaches. BUT...I was and still am very nervous. This is a life changing adventure, and it will be very challenging. I am up for the challenge though!
We made the decision in early summer of this year, and it's been a whirlwind since then. We got married in September, moved from Seattle to Texas in November, and are just about to close on our sailboat, a beautiful Niagara 35. It's been a waiting game since we first put in an offer in early December and just found out we'll be waiting a little longer. The owners are doing a charter in the Caribbean and won't be able to sign and send the paperwork until the 4th of January. We do have a lot to do though so I guess the extra time is a good thing. We still need decide what we are bringing on the boat and pack up, buy a dingy, get insurance, buy cruising guides, buy parts to fix things on the boat, and the list goes on. I am so ready to set sail and start our adventure!
Vessel Make/Model: Niagara
Hailing Port: Kemah, Texas
Crew: David and Jackie
About: We are newlyweds who decided to quit our jobs and begin living our dream of sailing in the Caribbean.
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Who: David and Jackie
Port: Kemah, Texas