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08 March 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
07 March 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
06 March 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
05 March 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
04 March 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
03 March 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
01 March 2015 | South Atlantic Ocean
28 February 2015 | South Atlantic Ocean
27 February 2015 | Fernando de Noranha, Brazil
24 February 2015 | South Atlantic Ocean
22 February 2015 | South Atlantic Ocean
21 February 2015 | South Atlantic Ocean
17 February 2015 | Salvador Bahia, Brazil
17 February 2015 | South Atlantic Ocean
17 February 2015 | St Helena
16 February 2015 | Salvador Bahia, Brazil
14 February 2015 | Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
06 February 2015 | South Atlantic Ocean
05 February 2015 | South Atlantic Ocean

Our Beloved NEXUS has been sold...

03 February 2016 | Sarasota, Florida
It is with mixed emotions that we report that our beloved NEXUS has been sold to new owners. We will miss her deeply, however our family and life events draw us closer to home for then next several years and we didn't want to see her waste away at the dock until we have the opportunity to voyage again. That said, we are very excited for her new owners, who we really like and enjoy sailing with; Tom and Cindy Kruse of Sarasota Florida! Tom and Cindy are taking very good care of her and learning her ropes, and have aspirational plans to do the WARC 2018! We recently enjoyed helping them move NEXUS from Fort Lauderdale to Sarasota and we look forward to sailing with them in the future!

At our new dock in Ft Lauderdale

06 November 2015 | Fort Lauderdale
Russ and Laurie
We sailed into Ft Lauderdale this morning...right into a powerboat show. It was a real experience getting to our new dock with first time drivers taking demonstrator yachts out for test drives, full throttle down the entrance channel and back around us. The owner of our new dock is delightful and made us feel right at home. We cleaned up Nexus and headed to our hotel for a long shower!

Sailing by Cape Canaveral with one day to go!

05 November 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
Russ and Laurie
Finally!...wind we can use! We're sailing by the storied Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, you can see the Vertical Assembly Building 16nm out to sea! We heard a coast guard call late last night where a sailor reported seeing a multi-colored Parachute flare distress signal from off the cape. He later decided maybe they launched something and he mistook it. I'm sure someone at NASA would be offended to know the general public thinks things they work with can be mistaken for little parachute flares... Laurie and I both saw multiple meteors burn up in the sky last night, I suspect that's what he saw. On other highlights, we caught a four foot Mahi Mahi last evening, which immediately became dinner, and we're all still smiling about the 15 or so dolphins that played around the boat for several minutes yesterday. All is well on NEXUS.

Off of Jacksonville Florida, looking for wind!

04 November 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
Russ and Laurie
Bright sunshine then afternoon showers greeted us off the North Florida coast. Still no usable wind but we remain hopeful! We enjoyed listening into an exercise with Warship Foxtrot Five Five this afternoon, simulating a boarding live fire exercise. Nostalgic as Warship F55 was the one who hailed us when we brought NEXUS up the first time...I guess they practice a lot! All is well here, we're fishing and moving slowly alongside the Gulf Stream. We should be in Ft Lauderdale by Friday afternoon at this rate.

Past Diamond Fry Pan Shoals/Cape Hatteras...60nn off of Ocean Isle NC!

03 November 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
Russ and Laurie
Making progress through rain and chop off the coast of North Carolina. We passed Fry Pan Shoal last night, and are currently 60nm offshore of Ocean Isle! Weather and wind are crap, but crew is doing well and in good spirits. We're following the coast inside of the Gulf Stream, which is running 3kts the other way, and looking for the wind to turn offshore as we round the corner and head south. Hopefully we'll get the colorful sails out for the last couple of days! Current ETA to Fort Lauderdale is Friday afternoon..

Past Diamond Shoals/Cape Hatteras...35nm to Fry Pan Shoal and clear of the Cape

02 November 2015 | North Atlantic Ocean
Russ and Laurie
After a night of motor sailing in very light wind, we've rounded Diamond Shoals on Cape Hatteras and are 35nm from Lookout Shoals to be clear of the cape. Weather is cloudy with occasional rain, and the wind is going around the clock, currently aft of us at 20kts. It's good for our sailing but making the gulf stream lumpy, and we'll be glad to get clear of it. Everyone is doing well, no seasickness, and Nexus is performing beautifully. All is well.
Vessel Name: Nexus
Vessel Make/Model: Nexus/Balance 600
Hailing Port: Wilmington, DE, USA
Crew: Russ and Laurie Owen
Lifelong sailors, Russ and Laurie decided to fulfil a lifelong dream and take this voyage after Russ retired as an Aerospace Engineer and former senior executive for CSC. Laurie was speech pathologist but more recently volunteers for several charitable organizations. [...]
Nexus was bought specifically for the circumnavigation. Russ says: “She is a very nice balance between speed, comfort, and capability. She was well equipped but purposefully spartan. We’ve added additional power furling, two asymmetric spinnakers and redundancy in all her critical, [...]
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