12 June 2006 | Sydney Australia
08 June 2006 | Hon Tre island Nha trang
07 June 2006 | Leaving Whale Island
06 June 2006 | North of Nha Trang
05 June 2006 | Whale Island, North of Nha Trang
04 June 2006 | North of Nha Trang Vietnam
03 June 2006 | North of Nha Trang Vietnam
02 June 2006 | Nha Trang
29 May 2006
22 May 2006
14 May 2006 | Sydney Aus


12 June 2006 | Sydney Australia
Well, we spent 3 more days in Ana Mandara at Nha Trang, but we both fall ill from a tummy bug : ( then head home.

The trip was amazing, and we saw some great country. As a destination this place is pretty cool and has a lot to offer for the adventurous.
The Sunsail operation here is new and still getting its footing, so as expected there are some things that are still to be ironed out.

We had a hoot and experienced both good and bad and had a fantastic adventure on the way.

I would recommend this as a location to anyone comfy with travelling in foreign country and making do with what you have.

The provisioning was spot on, but after camping throughout Australia we have a good idea of what and how much needed for the trip.

If you have any questions or would like more information on this trip, feel free to email me, b_brand@tpg.com.au

Hon Tre for Bang Bang

08 June 2006 | Hon Tre island Nha trang
Weather and wind are good, so we head south for Hon Tre Island to find a nice bay to anchor and swim for the day.
We pass Turtle Island, so named as it looks just like the name says, and we find a lovely little bay on the North Side of Hon Tre and drop the pick.

The water here is like gin and its looking good.
Di cooks up some food while I go for a quick swim and check the anchor, although I could see if fine from the bow.

We have a coffee, some beanies and eggs on toast then go for a snorkel.

What The F@%K !!!!
I pop up next to the boat and Di is already out of the water and says "They are Dynamite fishing" about 200 metres away !! Holy Crap !!

BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM goes another stick and I shout to Di to get out of the water. This is not safe.
I grab the video camera and we sit for a while and watch hoping they will drop another stick for the camera but its not to be... scary stuff when you are snorkeling.

We decide after a while its not the best place to be and move round to Vin Pearl resort and chill out in a lovely little bay.
We chill out for a few hours, swim, drink and play some Uno, till the Radio crackles with "Riang Ria... Riang Ria"

Base is asking us what time we will be back at port tonight. Its our last night on the boat and they require us back in the port.. bugger.
They are out sailing and we can see them about 10 miles to the north so tell them we be back about 6 and decide to head for harbour when we see them on their way back.

Both boats pull into a messy port together and we watch as poor Melissa has to struggle with a bitch of a mooring bouy. Its howling, bumpy and this is a shipping port, so Di and I quickly decide we dont want to spend our last night of paradise here so ask Morgan (from Sunsail) if he can call the Ana Mandara hotel to get us in a night early... and the answer is yes... YAY.

A quick pack and off to shore to crack our last 4 beers.

Southward Bound

07 June 2006 | Leaving Whale Island
We start the trip back south to Evasons, around 30 nm's and the wind is howling at a solid 15 knts, building to 20 through the morning making a great day of sailing and the swell throwing the boat around a but.

Each bigger wave we see, Di checks me to see if that is ok... She has done so well on this trip and done everything asked of her sailing wise. Couldnt ask for a better crew... and she can cook !!

The swell and wind are pushing us towards land, the wind is about 30 degree off our bow, so its a tight reach with a few tacks to hit our mark.

We pull into Evasons again, and it looks a little bumpy, so head ashore and kick back by the pool again.

Dinner is yet again fantastic, but pre dinner drinks on the little wharf with canapes and free Champagne see us talking with a young couple of Aussies from Blacktown : ( 20 mins drive from our place at home.

Another great bottle of wine as we looked out over our yacht and see it rocking like a see saw and can only think of the sleepless night ahead.
I feel half tanked by the time we return to the boat and decide to use the dinghy to drag an anchor out the back to keep the bow into the swell, but there is a second ground swell coming in at 90 degrees... shit night sleep.
Vessel Name: Riang Ria
Vessel Make/Model: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37
Crew: Ben and Di Brand
About: My lovely Wife (well she will be by the time we start sailing) Di
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